Nashville DJ Diaries | The Man Behind the Microphone

If you missed last weeks Q&A featured blog, recap that one then come back here because you don't want to miss part two today! Moving on from music, we're talking about.. well, talking. Emcee experience + expertise! Whether you're busy booking one of the most important days of your life or just trying to find a DJ/Emcee for your upcoming corporate event or private celebration, then you probably have a few questions. Inquiries from prospective clients are encouraged, especially when it comes to the man with the microphone piece of the puzzle. Aside from questions regarding our team of DJ's or how many venues + vendors we partner with, the second most commonly asked questions are often those specific to speaking. Because we're just getting our feet wet in our busy booking season, I've put together another quick and essential Q&A compiled of my most commonly asked questions by clients, as well as answers that come directly from the wedding booking one on our team, myself, and from our Snyder squad of master Emcee's. 

If a good flow and a great guest guided experience is a must-have at your upcoming event, then check out a few of our favorite talking points in the FAQ's below..
Brad Ford | Emcee Extraordinaire + Most Requested Man on the Mic

Brad Ford | Emcee Extraordinaire + Most Requested Man on the Mic

Do you act as the "emcee" and make all of the announcements?

Our team members are all professionally trained emcee's and they will review your timeline, pronunciation of names, and details prior to your wedding day with you to ensure everything is correct. We will make as many or as few announcements as you prefer. 

How would you define your "style" when making announcements?

When you think about emcee's I think it's easy to imagine a cheesy 80's DJ with a big bow tie, slicked back hair, and a massive microphone up to their face saying things like "alright girls and gents lets get this party started!" We are nothing like that. Our style is professional, clean, and clear spoken. We are conscious of our clients preferences, our surroundings, and of your guests needs when making proper announcements. 
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Are Emcee services only available for weddings?
We can be the EMCEE or spokesperson for your corporate event or maybe just the voice directing the crowd at an industry mixer.


Will the Emcee take any breaks during my event? 

No our team does not take breaks other than necessary bathroom/personal breaks. Our team members know to eat prior to events, pack snacks in case hunger strikes, and we're always prepared with a timeline so we know when to wait. Plus having two team members there relieves the stress of necessary breaks as well.


What sets you apart from your competition?

Can I give you two answers? First, quality not quantity. Other DJ companies advertise that they always have a DJ available for your event, by keeping upwards of a hundred plus people on their team at one time. Instead of trying to add as many people to our team as we can, we take the time to professionally train each one of our DJ's and techs' to ensure that they are sufficiently trained to manage even the smallest details on your big day. In addition to training, our team members are always invested in your events, treating each one with care, and creating a playlist per individual event. Not every playlist matches every setting or couple that we partner with. Secondly, aside from our team members, we're separate from our competition because we offer our clients the "white glove treatment." Meaning each event receives the same amount of time, attention to detail, and thorough preparation no matter the size of the event, package chosen, or overall budget. Our happiness is your happiness, and we judge an events success off of your feedback. 
A personalized approach to planning goes beyond emails and phone calls. It continues into your day-of!

A personalized approach to planning goes beyond emails and phone calls. It continues into your day-of!

Have more questions? No worries, contact us in the office at 615.613.1686, and our team be more than happy to schedule a meeting with you ASAP! Coffee's on us.