"I Swear I'll Drive All Night Just To Buy You Some Shoes"

The Wedding Day.  That day when all the crazy irrational things we do for love culminate into a magical moment when we say "I Do."  Why would you leave any part of this day to chance?  Let us let you in on a secret…we are wild romantics!  Let us take our years of wedding industry experience, our hard work, our attention to detail and our crazy romanticism and plug that in to your dream day.  All of us at Snyder Entertainment are committed to creating the environment you most want to be married in.  That includes the right songs, the right flow, the right words and the right amount of trust that you have instilled in us to bring these things to you.  That is why we give you unfettered access to your DJ/EMCEE for the entire planning time so we can nail every detail.  That is why we have both a DJ and a Music Mixer at your wedding.  That is why we have a perfect score on The Wedding Wire website.  And with all the choices you have to make about your perfect day why don't you let us help you reduce those phone calls.  Our Photo Booths, Lighting Design, Murder Mysteries, Party Starters and Live Music options can provide the complete solution to all your entertainment needs from the engagement party and rehearsal dinner up to the beloved Wedding Day!  Please contact us today to get your date reserved and watch what we can do for you!