These questions were created to help you find the best possible entertainment service for your special event:

Do you use professional gear?

Using professional sound equipment helps insure reliable service and a quality presentation.

Snyder Entertainment understands that you want the best performance on your special day. Snyder Entertainment entertainers use top of the line equipment. Always crystal clear sound!

Will you provide an emergency back-up system at our event?

Weddings, Mitzvahs and special events are often once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. A back-up system protects your investment.

Snyder Entertainment carries onsite back-up equipment so you can rest easy. Although this is not feasible, this is just another way that we can say “we care”.

Are you Licensed & insured?

Insurance is part of any legitimate business. Liability and casualty policies will protect you, your guests and your DJ company from unforeseen circumstances.

Snyder Entertainment is licensed & insured and will be happy to provide proof of liability for you, or your location’s peace of mind.

Do you belong to any professional associations or trade groups?

An involved businessperson shows a willingness to learn, network and share ideas. Belonging to a professional trade group reflects a caring attitude.

Snyder Entertainment is a proud member of the Tennessee Disc Jockey Association (

Are we guaranteed the DJ of our choice on the day of our event?

A written contract with your specific entertainer guarantees you will have no surprises on the day of your event. It is a good idea to put an initial payment down as soon as you find the person you prefer. Reputable DJ’s will often be booked a year or more in advance on “peak” days.

Snyder Entertainment puts everything in writing and also offers you the opportunity to meet your entertainer before making a decision. We NEVER over-book and leave you out in the cold. We book only one reception per day, allowing all of our focus and resources to make your event the very best that it can be.

How many years of experience do you have?

Experience brings knowledge of common problems and situations. Be sure your DJ has experience with your type of event.

Snyder Entertainment’s owner, Brian Snyder, with over 10 years as a professional DJ, personally directs each and every event.

May we call your references?

References are a major part of the entertainment business. It is a good idea to get a few client and business references.

Snyder Entertainment is happy to give you client or business references.  For your convenience, we have posted many of these on our “testimonials & references” page inside our “testimonials” page.

How will you be dressed?

Proper attire reflects a positive image to your guests.

Snyder Entertainment dress in shirt and a tie unless otherwise requested.

How early will you be to our site to set up?

An average of sixty minutes should be allowed for set up and sound check. Early arrival should already be included in your entertainment fee.

Snyder Entertainment always arrive early so music can begin as soon as the first guest enters your party. Early arrival also allows us to perform a sound check and prepare for your special day.

Will you allow requests?

Requests should be welcome. If a song seems inappropriate, a good DJ will explain the reason and ask for an alternative selection.

Snyder Entertainment has a reputation for filling as many requests as possible, including your favorite selections. We are constantly adding new music and subscribe to music magazines to keep up with the latest in today’s top hits.