#SnyderSummerSeries | Red, White, and Remixed

Continuing our Thursday blog series, also known as #SnyderSummerSeries, our summer intern Zach has recently slowed down a favorite #tbt Katy Perry song that's more than likely been on your playlist for awhile now. Following last week's patriotic holiday, this song pays homage to the fiery American spirit inside of all of us. This mix is slowed down enough to enjoy in the morning and inspiring enough to motivate a strong finish on the rest of your work week. Turn it up and relish in the remix and well written recap below.

Ah, the Fourth of July, the holiday when we celebrate our country by blowing stuff up. Pretty fun, right? Fireworks are great to light or watch, or both, whichever you prefer. They are colorful and loud, but some people forget to appreciate them. For example, I attended a fireworks celebration and people in the audience were complaining that the time between blasts were too long. Really? Why make something that is exciting and loud go up in smoke (pun intended) at a crazy quick speed? So with all that said, this week’s mix is a subtle reminder that sometimes a slow-paced “Fireworks” mix can still bring the boom.

 If you haven’t figured it out already, this week’s remix has to do with a Fourth of July-inspired song, “Fireworks” by Katy Perry. This song is known for being very dance friendly and high-paced, but I decided to change it up a bit. I made it seem slower, and I got the idea from one of my favorite songs right now (Sound of Walking Away - Illenium, if you were wondering). I used it as inspiration in “Firework,” all while adding my own little twist. The song is the same beats per minute as the original, but the beat you hear makes it seem slower, which was done on purpose. I created this project to remind people to take it easy, and to enjoy the little things in life. So, here is my chill remix of Katy Perry’s “Firework.” Check it out below!

Stay tuned for more music mixing next Thursday!