#SnyderSummerSeries | Blowing Through Summer


the end of summer blows

We're back with our summer intern to give you another mix inspired by the unwanted feelings of the back to school blues, and how the last moments of soaking up summer makes you feel. Because when you realize summer's coming to close, you realize how much that blows. But
 before I give too much away, I'll turn things over to Zach to explain the idea behind his mix..
Does the end of summer mean the end of fun? Well, no, not exactly. Sure, school starts back up, and it can be stressful with the re-entrance of tests and homework. Even with that, there is still time for fun in the sun before summer ends. Parties and group hangs help get the friends that you will be spending the soon-to-come school time with, closer together. This week’s mix is about having fun. Whatever is your idea of fun is, this song is all about the idea of it and the adrenaline rush you get.

This week’s mix is Blow, By Kesha.

The mix is a pure dance track. It gets you moving, and is loosely based on the genres of Drum and Bass and Stadium Music, as well as other popular dance tunes. There is also a snippet of a song that I don’t know the name of, so if you recognize it, please tell me. The song is a stadium favorite, but I don't think that many people actually know the name of this particular song. Besides the unknown song, this mix should be a good one to fix your summertime blues and help you get on the right track for finishing up the summer and heading back to school. Check it out below..
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soak up the rest of your summer