Corporate Events

"If You Want Creative Workers, Give Them Enough Time To Play"

Nashville is a growing dynamic market full of exciting opportunities.  Not only is the local corporate work market growing by leaps and bounds but many companies from out of town are coming here for their conferences and meetings. Good management knows and understands the correlation between rested happy workers and motivated problem solvers.  At Snyder Entertainment we understand this concept and so we have developed a growing entertainment business model for both our neighbors and those visiting our great city.  The key for us is to provide that moment of escape.  You have been in meetings all day planning the next year and perhaps you need the opportunity to do something different; to let go and relax.  Perhaps that means spending some time with your co-workers that you already know and getting to know the ones that you do not.  That is why many of our services are designed as team builders as well as entertainment pieces.  Don't just hire a DJ!  Let us bring our Line Dance Instructors and EMCEE's in to get the party started and get your team out on our dance floor.  Music goes great with our Casino Parties!  Whether you want just a poker table for for a night off or you need a Casino Floor for 1000 guests you can count on Snyder Entertainment to produce the perfect Casino Event for you.  You can treat your staff to dinner but why not let us bring our award winning Murder Mystery actors in to create a themed guest interactive experience.  Your staff will have the chance to work together to solve the murder and will be laughing the entire time!  And don't just take pictures of your event for next years slide show!  Let us bring in our Photo Booths, Green Screen Photo Booths, Step and Repeat Photography and we will give you more fun memories than you can possibly imagine.  And if you want to jazz up your event just a notch more let us come in with our Lighting Design and create an atmosphere that excites and motivates your team.  Once again we at Snyder Entertainment want to be the only phone call you have to make!  Let us be the complete solution to your meeting or conference this year.  Contact us immediately to help start your team building today.