#NashvilleEvents | Prepared to Press Play

When it comes to summertime, nothing feels or sounds quite as good as jamming to your favorite hot weather radio hits. There's just something about listening to music while riding around with the windows down or sipping something cold by the pool while you whine down from your day. And the same can be said for the music that you pick to play at your upcoming wedding or event. As Nashville natives, all know that music really can make or break an event and when it comes to compiling a playlist, well, lets just say that not all of us have mastered the art of mixing.
But that's okay! Our talented team of professionally trained DJ's will not only be able to recommend some of the best beats for your occasion, but they'll also be able to arrange them in an order that's appealing for all guests, no matter their age. Our process is about forming a relationship with you, gathering all of the important information for your upcoming event, and diving into all of those details. We ask specific questions and seek to find the sounds that make you smile, not to be nosy but to build an even better event experience for you + your guests.
So whether you rock out to The Rolling Stones or twerk and twirl to Cardi B, we've got your playlist poppin'.

Our team is ready to press play when you are. 

Contact us today to schedule our team for your celebration!