Nashville DJ Diaires | Spice Up Your Summer with a Theme Party!

If you're looking for something fun and different to do with your friends or co-workers, how about considering some of our signature Snyder Entertainment theme parties? Just because you're a "grown-up" doesn't mean that you can't have fun! Theme parties aren't just for kids or fraternity mixers, they're also a great motivator for employees to attend company wide events, and a good excuse to call up all of your friends and get together. More and more of our clients are looking for something that's original, fun and creative to encourage their guests to attend. These are great for destination events, home/office holiday parties, birthday parties, and any reason to celebrate! Our theme parties are sure to make you Instagram-famous, whether it's just you and a group of friends, or you and all of your co-workers! Don't sit at home next weekend and have a major case of #FOMO, let Snyder Entertainment help you plan your next party!

viva nash vegas

Gold, glamour, the sounds of slot machines, bar height tables and chairs.. Welcome to the Fabulous Nashvegas! Blackjack tables, Roulette tables, Poker tables, Craps, a Money Wheel, casino themed gobo lights, Snyder Entertainment logo playing cards, money + coins.. you name it, we got it! One of our most popular casino themed packages is our DJ + Casino Party Package! It includes: 4 Blackjack tables, 2 Roulette tables, 2 Poker tables, 1 Craps table, and a DJ with 4 custom gobo lights. We provide this package for corporate events, private parties, etc. Roll the dice with Snyder Entertainment, we guarantee you'll come out a winner!


We partner with corporate clients to bring music, lighting, AND professional line dancers to a destination conference or meeting. These add-on's help to elevate the atmosphere + kicks the conference off with a true Nashville-style welcome to guests. The team of professional line dancers have multiple choreographed routines and are constantly working hard to always deliver the best show possible. Line Dancing doesn't always have to be limited to just country music, our DJ's will partner with the instructors to create dances for any type of music that fits your event! Add our custom Recording Booths, Step and Repeat photography to make your guests feel like they're on the red carpet, and our open air photo booth. Don't forget to add our Moonshine Bar to give your guests a true taste of Music City!


At Snyder Entertainment we are all about creating unforgettable moments in and around Nashville! That is why we have added private Murder Mystery to our line up of great solutions! Do you remember playing the board game "Clue" when you were a child? This great product is essentially a live game of Clue. We will bring the show and you and your guests will work together and against each other to solve the murder before the end of the performance. Your guests will be the suspects and one of them IS the murderer. They just don't know it yet. And if you bundle Murder Mystery with our other services then you can turn your event into more than just a game- you can turn it into a experience!


grown-up prom

Do you ever wish you could back in time and relive your Prom? Maybe your hair wouldn't be as big, maybe your dress wouldn't be as covered with rhinestones, and maybe you would now avoid the powder blue suits. Well now you can! Our Prom Package includes a DJ/MC, lighting, Step and Repeat red carpet photography, and a photo booth! Complete with throwback songs, awkward prom poses, dance floor lighting, and slow jamz for days.

Not into theme parties? No biggie. Here are a few other ways to spice up your next event that Snyder Entertainment can provide:

Liven Up Your Lighting

Mood lighting is a key ingredient in every affair, so let us string up our market lights to everything that's not moving!

Music, Music, Music

It is absolutely worth it to let our talented team of DJ's plan your party music ahead of time. Music is truly the basis for any great event; our guys know how to start things out mellow, then make sure the mixes get a little bit faster and more fun through the night. And don't be surprised if your guests want our DJ's business card at the end of the night!

Go Crazy with Karaoke

Did you know that we provide karaoke machine rentals? Brian will tell you that he and his wife Ashley are always prepared to go 'onstage' (which is just a cleared-out area in the corner of their den) first for a duet in case everyone else is too shy.

Get Creative with Throwback Themes

One of my favorite theme parties is called The Prom From Hell. The guests had the girls dress up in the worst bridesmaid gowns they've ever worn, and then they danced to the cheesiest music! We can help you bring to life any theme that you've thought of!

Keep Fun Favors On Hand

Glow sticks, temporary tattoos for our clients to hand out as guests enter is a great way to kick off a party. Party starters and favors always turn out to be the highlight of the night.

Dance 'Til You Drop

Our line dance instructors and party starts can give your guests a one-hour group lesson. Everyone will have an outrageous time learning dances like the Macarena and the Electric Slide, country line dances, and even more famous moves like the Wobble, the Wop, and the Whip Nae Nae!

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