#SnyderSummerSeries | Say Hello to Snyder's Newest Summer Intern, Zach!



For the remaining summer Thursday blog series, I'm going to be taking a step back to focus on our busy season of new bookings and instead introducing you to the newest member of our Snyder squad. First and foremost- he's our friend, master music mixer, and he's also our summer intern. If you don't know by now, I'm talking about Zach Thomas.  Zach has recently joined our team as a part of our Snyder summer internship program to learn more about entrepreneurship, the event industry, how to manage client relationships, pressing play in DJ + tech positions, and he's also going to be helping me out with blog posts. *insert praise hands emoji here*  If I were anymore excited about having Zach as a part of our team then I would probably burst. Before I begin typing for too long and start talking about Zach like this is a Match.com ad, I'm just going to go ahead and pass this post on over to the main man of the moment himself..

Internship. There’s a Webster Dictionary definition that we all know, but for me, right now, it’s helping the boss with little odds and ends, hopping in last-minute to assist, networking with adults, and blogging. Wait….blogging? Yep, that’s right. Blogging. Hi, I’m Zach Thomas, the summer intern for Snyder Entertainment, and I will be busy this summer contributing content for a brand new Thursday blog series on the website featuring, well, me.


As the poetic rapper, Jay Z, infamously says in the intro to the song PSA, "allow me to reintroduce myself."   Or just tell you a little bit about myself anyway. I am going into my sophomore year at Nolensville High School, and I am interested in DJing, mixing, music editing and music production. I am also a percussionist in our Nolensville HS Band and play tenors during marching season. Besides music, I play hockey for the Nashville Flyers 16U-AA program and for our Nolensville Knights High School team. In my spare time (ha), I produce and remix music. That is what led me to my summer internship at Snyder Entertainment.

My love of editing and producing music started when I was in the fifth grade. I was in a CoderDojo (computer programming) class at my local library and one night we explored a music production website. I already loved creating codes for computers, but being able to “code” where I was actually creating music was something way more interesting to me. During that time, I had a newfound love of Electronic Dance Music. When I figured out I could create that sound on my own, I knew I was on a path of music production. Fast forward five years, and I was helping my mom with the prom at school, and there Mr. Snyder was setting up the DJ equipment. Instead of helping my mom with decorations, I strayed over and helped set up the stage where he would be performing the following night. I loved talking music with him and setting up the equipment and discussing what he was using was an added bonus for me.  From there, a few emails and a completed freshman year, and now here I am interning for the summer.

--> To listen to my first music mix for #SnydersSummerSeries, click HERE. Then leave me some feedback on your thoughts and feelings about the mashup. <--

So, when you get some time this summer, feel free to check out my blogs and leave some love on Snyder Entertainment's Facebook and Instagram pages. I will be talking about many things, from my favorite tunes to which songs make the dance floor fun and interactive for all. Check back in on Thursday mornings at 8am to get caught up on my takes regarding music, social media, and pop culture. Peace!



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