Nashville DJ Diaires | Something to Snap About

As a little girl, I can vaguely remember watching movies and observing the people on the screen snapping instead of clapping, and I always thought was the epitome of cool. And to a point, even today, it still resonates with me in a similar sort of way. The intimacy of not being too loud or abrupt, while disrupting the still, silence lack of movement in the air with only a simple, subtle snap of your fingers. Go ahead, try it. I'll wait. It felt cool, right? Well, even if that didn't make you feel the cool nostalgic vibe that I was hoping for then hopefully this other kind of snap will: Snapchat.

That's riiiiight, I'm back to talk with you about Snyder's pop of personalization that's perfect for any kind of event: Snapchat geofilters. I'm answering the what's, how's and who's below + giving you an exclusive preview of our latest conceptual geofilter design creations. Each design was crafted by persimmon, a local Nashville based design collective that offers curated content, social media management, conceptual design, modern styled photography sessions, graphic design, and a millennial perspective. Keep browsing below to see the latest designs by persimmon, and then pick up the phone to call us and confirm your design for your next event.
Overall, clients want a modern design with a personalized approach to enhance their event without breaking the bank. Corporate clients want to appeal to the millennial generation, to those who embrace social media as more of a utility rather than an online obsession. Wedding clients want to incorporate something pretty, personal and specific to their day. We wanted to create a sample size of design styles that are tailored to fit out of the box, and often adventurous clientele- especially when it comes to the filters complete aesthetic.
— persimmon

Snapchat is a social messaging application for mobile devices that allows the exchange of stylized photos or videos ("snaps"), as well as text messages ("chats"). Snapchat's defining feature is that the majority of its content deletes itself after being viewed, and/or after a relatively short amount of time. This social media app has sky rocketed the past year for every type of event that you can think of: corporate events, weddings, launches, grand openings, proms, homecomings, town events, various celebrations, etc. Now days attending an event without Snapchat, well to some generations and users, is just considered an undocumented waste of time.


Snapchat defines their geofilters as, "dynamic art for different places." Think of it as a digital sticker or badge you can add to each snap you take with most only available is specific geolocations. For businesses, it’s also a form of marketing based on your locale or region where segmented audiences can be reached. Snapchat users are able to share the logo or event info without having any contact or interference from the sponsor or brand. They are also able to represent "community" events which include weddings, private parties, dates, public places and landmarks, and much more. The geolocation feature helps your geofilter stay local and current.


Still not exactly sure what a geo-filter can do? Your guests are able to access your custom geofilter instantly once they arrive on-site for your event. Guests take a photo using the app, slide to the right to select the geofilter that they want to use, then send their Snap. It's really so easy to use and if your guests are regular Snapchat users, then you wont be doing much "how to" explaining at your event. The fun of Snapchat isn't about just having your phone out, but it's about sharing your experiences virtually with people all over the world. Snapchat drives that emotional tug-of-war inside of all us, that sense of #FOMO that we all experience.


Our design team talks with you to get an idea of what you're looking for, the type of event, how many hours you'll be on site, location proximity, your preferences, colors, texts, graphics, and so on. Once we have that information, we custom design it for you, send you a design proof to approve, and have it ready to go at your event during the designated time and at the designated location. This is honestly an incredibly affordable option for all of our clients looking to elevate their events, and not to mention it's all the rage right now.
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