#NashvilleEvents | Preparing for Warm Weather Events

It may not feel like it now, but warmer weather is headed our way sooner rather than later! While I'm so over winter and cant wait to welcome summertime with open arms, there is one part of me that almost starts sweating when I even think about hot and humid outdoor events. But did you know that there are a few things you can do prior to your next outdoor outing that will leave you happy rather than overheated? It's true and we're sharing ten tried and true tips with you below. Grab your favorite brand of SPF and be sure to scan through this summer inspired post before your next polo party.
1. Dress for the temperature
Even if you look great in that navy blue sheath dress, the dark fabric and restricted cut will make you feel much hotter. Opt for a looser fit and a blend of cotton, linen, rayon, or chiffon. For men, try seersucker or light layers from modern designer, Frank&Oak. 

2. Ladies: beware the “makeup melt”
Less you want to look like a Jackson Pollock, avoid liquid foundation, liquid eyeliner, and liquid blush. Anything powder-based is your best friend, along with waterproof mascara, and finishing spray.

3. Upgrade to an updo
This is applicable to both guys and gals because hello, man bun. It may be tempting to let your hair down, but we beg you to reconsider. If you don’t want your entire head of hair weighing on your shoulders, try an effortless style like a half up bun, half down or try a messy low bun. You'll look as light and airy as you feel cool.

4. Avoid sliding through your sandals
Consider this a warning: While we love the idea of sandals, your feet will start sweating before you’re ready to hit the dance floor. If you must wear sandals, check the attire before committing, but we always recommend a more rugged sandal like a pair of Chaco's or Teva's. They're made to withstand all the warm weather elements and effects, including your feet. 

5. Skip the caffeine
As much as we love our morning cup of coffee, make sure that you start your day with water—and keep hydrating.

6. Pack the essentials
Pack baby powder, peppermint spray, and deodorant wipes. Use baby powder under your arms when you’re fresh out of the shower, and sprinkle it sparingly throughout the event to absorb moisture and odor. The effects of peppermint spray work cooling wonders—as it evaporates from your skin, so will the heat. As for the deodorant wipes? It's good to know you have them when you need them.

7. Check your chair
Before you sit down during an outdoor ceremony, look down. A metal chair has the potential to burn the bum. Place a cover down first, or adjust your attire accordingly.

8. Always keep a glass in hand
Good excuse, right? A strategically held iced drink can actually lower your body temperature. The pulse points on your inner wrists are close to your skin’s surface, so the blood vessels cool quickly when ice is applied directly to them. The cooled blood then circulates through your entire body and lowers your temperature. So order your cocktail served over ice, and avoid those tepid drinks, like red wine.

9. Don’t stuff yourself
Although it may be tempting to devour the entire tray of fine finger foods, but try to imagine how you’ll feel after chowing down too much smoked barbecue, hot cornbread, and steaming mashed potatoes in 90 degree weather. Rather, choose to graze over the raw bar or fruit and veggie table. Sry. 

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