#NashvilleEvents | Make Some Murder Mystery Mems This Spring

You're probably wondering what is a Murder Mystery Experience? Well think back to your childhood; remember the game "Clue?" It's a life-size version of the popular game that's brought to life! Snyder Entertainment will bring the game, all you and your guests have to do is work with and against one another to solve the mystery before the end of the performance. Your guests are all suspects, and one of them IS the murderer; they just don't know it yet. We have 8 themes: Killin' it on Broadway, Crime and Punishment, Dance with Death, Totally 80's Totally Murder, Murder at the Masquerade, Of Sound Mind and Dead Body, 'Till Death Do Us Part, and It's the Most Wonderful Crime of the Year. Click here to read descriptions + synopsis of each theme, and to learn more about Murder Mystery Experiences that Snyder Entertainment has hosted in the past! You'll quickly understand why we refer to these as experiences.
  • Killin' it on Broadway: This theme is a one of a kind Murder Mystery written exclusively about Nashville!  A lot can happen in a honky tonk down on Broadway but it's up to your guests to figure out who stopped the music.  This is a perfect event to get out those boots and hat and there may even be a bit of line dancing involved!  
  • Crime and Punishment: Let us take you back to the 1920's Speakeasy lifestyle. There are a lot of characters so this performance is great for bigger parties and for guests who want to dress the part!
  • Dance With Death: This performance swings you back to the 1950's for your senior prom.  This theme is PERFECT for dressing up.  There are fewer characters in this dance so this might go well for smaller events.
  • Totally 80s, Totally Murder: Get your lighters ready!  It's time to relive the 80's in this Rock N Roll Murder Mystery!  This theme is great for bigger parties and allows for a lot of audience involvement!  
  • Murder at the Masquerade: Welcome to the Billionaire's Masquerade Ball!  Very elegant theme where guests can wear masks and beautiful dresses and tuxes.  This is a more classic Murder Mystery experience where guests and hosts alike can go all out on decorations and costumes!
  • Of Sound Mind, and Dead Body: This Murder takes place at the annual law firm party.  This also has a lot of characters so it is good for bigger audiences.
  • Til’ Death Do Us Part: Talk about wedding disasters!  This theme is great  fun for rehearsal dinners and engagement parties.  There is a lot of audience involvement in the first act and is a great way to bring friends and families together that may not know each other!
  • It's The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year: Your company is throwing a Holiday Party with a comedian to bring on the laughs...until he drops dead.  Tons of laughs are a great way to celebrate the season in a corporate environment or in the privacy of your own home.

... And more!

These experiences are ideal for corporate functions, team building exercises, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, and an excuse to get all of your friends together for a fun night. You can put all those hours of watching Law & Order marathons to good use. And even spice up your evening with good music from one of our DJ's, a fun photo booth with props relative to your theme, an on-site photographer there to capture all the excitement, and up lighting to really elevate the atmosphere. Each Murder Mystery Experience is uniquely customized to your vision with each script written exclusively for your night, ranging from rehearsal dinners to corporate networking. Contact us today!