Operation FINALLY HOME | Snyder Entertainment

The Snyder Entertainment team partnered with Goodall Homes for a program called Operation Finally Home.  From their website, "Operation FINALLY HOME is a national, non-profit organization with a unique network of experienced builders, suppliers, and supporters dedicated to building homes for wounded, ill or injured veterans, surviving spouses and their families. We bring together homebuilders, the military and communities to build custom mortgage-free homes for our heroes, providing a strong foundation to help them move forward with their lives. It is our honor to unite all of those who respect and value the sacrifice of America’s troops and their families.” 

Our team provided a podium for the event and audio reinforcement for the day.  We partnered with our photography services through Scoobie’s Photographic Images who captured the day.  

It was a really humbling morning to meet the family and see their kids so happy about building a new home. The price he paid on the field of battle could never be matched…but a home to create memories for a new generation is an incredible way to start.  We are excited to be a part of this program with Goodall Homes and we are looking forward to the next opportunity to reward another American hero.

Want to know more about this special day? Check out the coverage from WKRN and The Tennessean!