Nashville DJ Diaries | Saddle Woods Farm | Adam + Ashley

Everyone loves a southern wedding! Ashley and Adam's Saddle Woods Farm affair was one that met one of the ultimate goals for any wedding: how do you make 150 people (most of which are practically strangers to each other) feel comfortable and have a good time to celebrate? Brad made sure to do his part with music. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find what song brought people to the dance floor to sing their hearts out! 


1. Tell us a little about the couple and their wishes for their wedding: Adam and Ashley were a very laid back couple to work with.  Ashley was finishing her degree in education from David Lipscomb University and as a part of that course of study she was teaching English in Guatamala.  So at the time I first started working with them Adam was doing the most of the planning.  So as a guy I have to immediately tip my hat to this gentleman for tackling what most of the rest of us wouldn't even attempt.  On top of it he did a bang up job until Ashley made it back state side.  I can't imagine what it must have been like to be working overseas while planning a wedding and then coming home to finish up a graduation and then get married the very next Saturday.  And she never seemed to miss a beat!  Adam and Ashley wanted a place, I believe, that made them and their guests feel comfortable.  So they chose a new venue called Saddle Woods Farm.  And let me tell you this place is gorgeous!  It's big and sprawling but makes you feel at home.

2. Was there anything special or unique about the day? Special moments among family members? Couple? Friends? This question is easy.  The best man's toast.  Apparently Adam is a bit of Sci-Fi guy and the toast was riddled with references.  Let your imagination run wild.  Within a span of 4 minutes our best man spoke Klingon, made references to smelting beer cans into swords and the list goes on and on.  I had never heard a toast like that before.  It was AMAZING!

3. What were some of the couple's music selections for ceremony? Reception? Adam and Ashley had a very cool taste in music.  Their introductions were to "That's What's Up" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  This is a fantastic song and worked out great.  And their choices for dinner ranged from Postal Service, Fleet Foxes, JOHNNYSWIM, Jack's Mannequin all way to Salt-n-Pepa, Drake and R2Bees!  It was a lot of fun putting all this together for them.

4. Were there any dance floor highlights? I'm a fan for the unexpected.  One of their Must Plays was "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers.  Not your normal dance floor request.  But with this crowd they danced and everyone sang the song at the top of their lungs.  I really look forward to moments like this every weekend.

5. Who were some of the other vendors at the wedding? Scoobie's Photographic Images was their photography and as usual he was fantastic.  He and Lisa are always a blast to work with and they are great communicators which always makes the day go by so easy!  Also I can't tell you enough about how great Saddle Woods Farm is.  The barn is truly beautiful and the ceremony area is like something out of a movie.  It has a beautiful pavilion with these gorgeous "Narnia" lamp posts just coming out of the ground.  Also the great thing about working there is they have power EVERYWHERE!  They really thought through some of these angles.  I have several more weddings there this year and I'm hoping to do many more.