Nashville DJ Diaries | Special Brian Snyder Exclusive!

The really cool thing about Nashville and our growing city is that we can certainly experience the traditions of the southern wedding just about anytime we like.  So many beautiful barns, everywhere you look is a beautiful hillside and rustic venues abound.  The one thing that really helps change the pace from time to time is to find a couple who really wants to get down to what is crazy important to them….Life and Love!

That is exactly what Jon & Carrie did for their May wedding!


1. Tell us a little about the couple and their wishes for their wedding: Jon & Carrie are both huge Beatles fan…Carrie has been known to sing Oh Darling every time she enters a karaoke bar.  The theme for the day was “All you need is love.”  They had one of their best friends, Brad, perform their ceremony and it led to some pretty epic moments.  Part of the ceremony had the newlyweds reciting lyrics to The Platter’s.  For all of the music people in the audience, it was a good chuckle and a classy touch.  They added that something extra to make the day all theirs.  Jon & Carrie were very aware of their guests and wanted to make sure food was being served as they arrived, no waiting, just start celebrating…and we did!  The venue was a private residence that seriously was the perfect backdrop.  A tented evening attached to the house that led to the indoor pool and game room really set the vibe.  A Mardi Gras inspired theme and colors to the night.  

2. Were there any special moments from the day? Among family and friends? The night was set off by some epic toasts and family who had traveled from all around to be there.  Incredible tent decorations made the massive tent feel like a grand ballroom and changed the ambiance from backyard to enchanted garden.  

3. What were some of the couple's music selections for the ceremony and reception? 4. The music selections were one of the best in a long, LONG time!  Jon is an absolutely huge soul, funk fan.  We had Bill Withers, Sam Cooke, Carl Carlton (Bad Mama Jama), Digital Underground, Beastie Boys and I would sell this whole blog short if I did not mention multiple Too $hort songs.  Carrie is a self admitted Top 40/Boy Band junkie.  We played Taylor Swift, Nsync, 98 Degrees, Soul Decision, and Britney.  I mean, Carrie even owns a shirt that reads Feyonce giving mad props to the one and only Beyonce.  

4. Were there any dance floor highlights? I am not for sure if this is a highlight or not, but at one point I was feeling the Too $hort song and I actually came out on the dance floor to spit a rhyme or two with the groom!  We made it rain, we battled and we may have even did the Soulja Boy.  It’s been a while since I felt the need to hit the floor with a couple over a rap song, but that night, it hit me….  Another epic moment was everyone on the dance floor as we got into House of Pain, Jump Around and everyone was moving.  It felt like the dance floor was going to explode, hands up, crowd jumping and yelling, pretty epic moment for everyone involved.

5. Who else provided services on the wedding day? Our team provided the photo booth, lighting design and Emcee/DJ services.  Jon has multiple friends in the restaurant industry and they took care of them for all of their catering needs.  This is one of those weddings that was so unlike the rest, yet so much fun because the couple was focused on one thing….celebrating those who cared so much about them to even be there!  The stage was set from the moment people arrived,  Jon & Carried had smiles on their faces and people felt it…after all, all you need is love ;)