Behind the Turntable: Spotlighting Jacob Hess

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As we mentioned in our last post, summertime is so close we can practically feel it! To us, summer means so. many. events. It’s a great season for weddings, corporate retreats, team-building events, and so much more. When we’re in the hustle and bustle, we sometimes forget to slow down and focus on what makes this giant balancing act work as well as it does, such as the members of our fantastic team.

A few months back, we did a “Behind the Turntable” spotlight on Jay, a DJ on our team. Today, we’d like to introduce you to another great DJ: Jacob Hess.

1.) Tell us about who you are, how long you have been a DJ, and how long you have been with Snyder Entertainment.

Hello my name is Jacob Hess. I’ve been djing for about three years. I’ve been with Snyder since November 2017. 

2.) In your opinion, what value do you think hiring a DJ can add to an event?

When you hire a DJ it adds an endless option of music that you can request and can really keep a good vibe throughout the entire night. 

3.) What sort of prep and planning do you do to emcee or DJ someone's event?

For the planning and prepping part of a wedding, I usually always like to try and meet the couple so we can both get a feel for each other, run them through planner and get any questions answered that they might have. Such as how they want the night to go and the kind of music they like to dance to. 

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4.) What sort of response do you look for from the audience, and how do you shift gears if the response isn't what you expected?

As long as they’re dancing I’m happy! Sometimes you won’t always have a full dance floor the whole night, but I’ll just keep playing songs to get a feel for what they like. Usually line dances will get the party going. 

5.) If you had to stick with one decade's music to work with, which one would you choose?

Well, for weddings it would be 80s all day! But for me personally, I’d have to go with this decade just because of EDM music and how it’s blown up! 

As Jacob explained, our DJs care about meeting you, answering your questions, and getting your guests on the dance floor! Chat with our team today about what else we can offer that will elevate your event!

Check back for more DJ spotlights in the future!