#NashvilleEvents | 5 Tips for Warm Weather Events

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April is coming to a close, and summer is so close we can practically feel it! Before you know it, you will be in the thick of a slew of summer weddings, corporate retreats, pool parties, backyard barbecues, block parties, and more. While we love the summer weather, and feel that it’s the optimal time to host an event, we have seen our fair share of guests struggle with the warm temperatures. The secret to helping yourself and your guests stay comfortable at your summer soiree is to plan and be proactive, rather than reactive. Today, we’ve gathered 5 tips to helping you weather your summer event in style, rather than sweating it out.

1. Plan more than one beverage station-and keep the area open.

You and your guests will be in desperate need of something to drink, depending on how hot the temps are. Avoid dehydration or cranky guests by having more than one station for water and other beverages, and keep the area open by keeping it away from corners or lots of furniture. It’s ideal if more than one guest can reach the bar or station at one time, and if there’s room for a small line to form. Hydrated guests = happy guests.

2. Aim for hybrid indoor/outdoor events if possible.

Everyone loves being outside in the summer, but having a tent, pergola or physical building to take shelter in will help alleviate some of the stress from the heat. Plus, summer means surprise rain storms almost as much as it means heat and sunshine. Having some tents and a building onsite will provide a natural rain plan if needed, and that can be worth its weight in gold in the middle of a big event!

3. Remember how drastically your venue will change when the sun goes down.

Outdoor events feel easy on the front end, because nature is your backdrop and the sun is your light. But, if your event is in the late afternoon and your guests will eventually be in the dark, you need to plan to produce a heavy amount of light after the sun goes away! Temps will drop, it will be dark, and all of the natural decor you were relying on will no longer be visible. This is the perfect time to transition your event to something that is contained to one area, like dancing! This will help narrow down your heaviest lighting/decor to one spot, and gives your guests a place to gather when the sun goes down.

4. Plan your menu accordingly.

Not all food does well in the heat, and not everything sounds appetizing in the heat. Plan a light, fresh menu that will leave your guests from feeling to heavy in the summer sun. And choose things that won’t melt in the heat, leaving your food table a sticky mess.

5. Encourage casual dress.

Outdoor summer events are beautiful, but they really aren’t the time to ask your guests to dress to the nines. If you want your guests to be able to move around and enjoy everything your event has to offer, you’ll want them to be comfortable! This is most likely to happen when they are able to dress light and airy. Plan the same for yourself as the host. If you’re the bride and groom, consider an outfit change for your reception that will allow you to enjoy the event with your guests without sweating buckets.

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We hope these tips help you plan the event of your dreams this summer. Contact us today to book your upcoming event, and let us help you make your summer events a success!