Nashville DJ Diaires | Dancing into the Decades with Our Corporate Partners

This event was customized from beginning to end, planned alongside our corporate clients to create three inviting and inspired themes sure to elevate the guests overall experience. We had six photo elements scattered throughout Delta Island inside of Gaylord Opryland, in 3 different zones. There was a 60's zone, 80's zone and a 90's zone. Guests were encouraged to be dressed up for the event, which added to the creative atmosphere and got everybody that much more excited for the event. There was a Step and Repeat photography section with a customized banner and a Open Air booth, that was themed for the particular zone, in each different decade zone. The booths each had custom created template overlays for the designated theme, themed props, and attendants stationed at every booth to guide guests through the booths. This was one of the most curated corporate events, packed wall to wall with personalized details, bringing all elements together to create a decked out decade style party! Check out a few of the behind-the-scenes photos below and learn more about each decades created theme..

The 1960's are remembered for peace, love, and a lot of good music, some of the best in my opinion. This zone included the ever popular tie dye design, plenty of peace signs, and even GoGo dancers! We brought out our inner hippie to inspire the custom design for this booth; including must have 60's elements such as the VW van, flower power, and a tie dye background. 

The 1980's are remembered for the decade that video killed the radio star, right? With popular television stations such as MTV making their mark on history, this decade was full of iconic superstars, moments in music, and questionable fashion. I channeled my inner Madonna to make this template design stand out, incorporating pivitol elements such as PacMan and retro TV's, this zone was a packed party all night long!

Ahhh the 90's.. my favorite decade! I don't know if it's the grunge fashion, the culture clash that happened during this time, or all of the genre's that emerged from this epic decade in time. For this custom template, I tossed back and forth between creating a template that was full on grunge or full on Full House themed, so I found common ground. Using 90's staples such as Converse inspired kicks, odd geometric shapes, and neon colors, this template came together to represent the softer side of the 90's.

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Written by: J McGee