Nashville Weddings + Events | Taking A Break to Catch Up with Brian

You may know him as the man behind the brand, as one of the Alderman in the town of Nolensville, the man who climbed Mount Kilaminjaro, or you might even know him as Snydog. No matter which way you put it, Brian Snyder is the guy who had a dream of starting this company back in 2000, and since then has continued to build our brand, our image, and our sound with much hard work and continued success. Brian's knack for conversation, natural wit, and humble demeanor are just a few of the characteristics that make him the wonderful guy that he is today. Brian has been the backbone, driving force, and smile behind every event that we've been a part of. For today's blog feature, I wanted to take a few minutes to catch up with him, and ask a few FAQ's for those of you who have not had the chance to meet him personally. Without further introduction, here's a quick chat recap with the man, the myth, the legend himself..


1. How did you get into this business?
My first career was in morning radio here in Nashville and as I learned more about private and special events, this was a path I wanted to take. I loved radio, but I always wanted to connect with more people. In radio, I was in a studio, here I get to meet clients, shake hands and hear their stories.

2. How long have you been in this business?
This is our 14th year in business

3. What events do you enjoy working the most?
Our team performs at roughly 300-400 events annually and a good portion of those events are weddings. Weddings and corporate events are our favorites, but we do enjoy private parties, product launches, and being a part of the community as much as possible.

4. What sets you apart from your competition?  Can I give you two answers? First, quality not quantity. Other DJ companies advertise that they always have a DJ available for your event, by keeping upwards of a hundred plus people on their team at one time. Instead of trying to add as many people to our team as we can, we take the time to professionally train each one of our DJ's and techs' to ensure that they are sufficiently trained to manage even the smallest details on your big day. In addition to training, our team members are always invested in your events, treating each one with care, and creating a playlist per individual event. Not every playlist matches every setting or couple that we partner with. Secondly, aside from our team members, we're separate from our competition because we offer our clients the "white glove treatment." Meaning each event receives the same amount of time, attention to detail, and thorough preparation no matter the size of the event, package chosen, or overall budget. Our happiness is your happiness, and we judge an events success off of your feedback. The bottom line is fairly simple in our book. All DJ’s play music and we all have gear. What sets us apart is that our ultimate goal is to offer “white glove” treatment to our customers from the time they inquire about our services and even after the last song plays. We provide exclusive online planning tools that is simply unmatched in the Nashville market. Our product offerings are extensive which adds value to our clients as they can go from dealing with multiple vendors to simply having “one hand to shake” with our entertainment team.

5. Are there any other services that you provide, such as lighting design?
We offer lighting decor and design, multiple types of photo and social booths, Instagram print stations, and so much more. For an online reference, our blog includes recaps from events, as well as highlighting a lot of our additional and a la carte services.

6. How extensive is your music library or song list? What genres can you cover? Can I give you a specific list of songs I want or don’t want played?
Our library is ever expanding and extremely extensive. We pay for “cloud” based internet services that allow our team to download nearly any song that has been recorded by any label. Our exclusive online planning portal allows you to create a Must Play List and a Do Not Play List, Play Only If Requested, and so on. If we don't have a song that you want played, no doubt we will get it for you at no expense added to you.

7. Do you act as the “emcee” and make all of the announcements?
All our team members are professional DJ’s and Emcees. We have a monthly staff meeting and training session along with quarterly and annually based training seminars to enhance both of these skills.

8. How would you define your “style” when making announcements?
Our team is very polished and planned. We like to partner with our clients throughout the planning process so we can really understand their vision for their event and then not only do we want to execute, but also help facilitate the evening as discussed. No surprises for our clients and offering a clean production for their guests.

9. Has your team won any awards or been recognized for your events, services, or skills? Yes, we've won multiple awards, we've been recognized at national conferences, locally featured, and internationally featured by wining awards through WeddingWire, Borrowed&Blue, and beyond. I always encourage clients to read about past weddings and events through our blog series titled "Nashville DJ Diaries," and also through reading our ratings and reviews on our WeddingWire reviews page, as well as reviews on our Facebook page as well.

9. Last but not least, to try and keep this short, other than the incredible career that you've had not only here as the President of Snyder Entertainment but also with other companies such as 107.5, Dell, and now at Eventbrite-- what would you say is your greatest accomplishment? And what are your plans for the future?   Man, I lucked out in this game of life. When I first saw my wife, Ashley, in the fall of 1998, I was absolutely smitten with her look and smile. She was walking across the parking lot the first time I saw her. From the very moment we started dating she always said if she ever had a daughter, her name would be Maclaine. Somehow, I got married to that girl in the parking lot...that girl became a momma to a little baby named Maclaine and the good Lord above threw us a curve ball named Reagan. I'm not for sure what to do, I'm not for sure what really lies ahead tomorrow. But this I do know for sure.....I am in love with these three ladies like there is no tomorrow. For me, I'm pretty sure that's all I need.

At Snyder Entertainment they take great pride in customizing every event to your specific request. Their company focuses on music entertainment, photo booths and lighting design. If you believe that entertainment plays a significant role in the success of an exceptional event; partner with them and they will create an evening to remember! Their difference is that outside of providing top notch entertainment; they will offer first class customer service from start to finish. Snyder Entertainment is committed to offering an experience to its audience!
— Elliott Events

Brian, thank you for everything that you continue to do for all of us at Snyder Entertainment + thank you for being such a great leader, team member, and overall good person.