Nashville Graduation Parties | Let Your Senior Shine with Snyder Entertainment

For most high school + college seniors, at this point in the school year the time of true anticipation and "senioritis" is starting to really sink in. While most parents are trying to pause time, most young adults are starting to sprint towards the finish line. A right of passage, the first step into adulthood, and a moment in time like no other; graduation is definitely a reason to celebrate and Snyder Entertainment can help you plan the perfect event. We can offer customized products, various entertainment services, transformation of a space, and we can capture priceless memories through different forms of photography. Have questions? Well here are some FAQ we receive from party planners and parents alike + our answers:

We're going to have the party at our home, is that okay?

We can make the party happen at a private residence easily, and we can do the same at a reserved space such as a venue. Transforming your chosen space using custom lighting design such as: accent lighting, up lighting, bare bulb string lighting (looks great outdoors/backyards), spotlighting, and monogram lighting is what we do best. We can also create an incredibly warm welcome right in your front entrance that will make your guest of honor feel like a celebrity. Through Snyder Entertainment's Step & Repeat photography, this includes a red carpet, a custom created banner, and a photographer to capture pictures you will treasure forever. 

How will we keep guests of all ages entertained?

You'll have family members of all ages, family friends, high school + college aged guests and you want them to enjoy their time too. We've found that most graduation parties take place in the evening, before the sun sets, and most go into the nighttime. In order to keep the party going past dusk we suggest including some Snyder Entertainment provided services: a professional music mixer/DJ, a dance-floor, our open-air Photo Booth (great for all ages + custom templates + backdrop + unlimited on-site printing), and you can't forget to buy a pack of our party enhancers. Another great way to keep the social media obsessed generation entertained: rent our Instagram Station. It's small in size and easy to use. Seriously all you have to do is create a fun #hashtag, asks guests to take photos, post them on Instagram using your specific #hashtag. Then all your guests have to do is select their pictures, and they print on-site. So easy, so fun, so worth it.

How can I make sure my senior shines all night?

We will make sure that your senior feels like the spotlight is on them all night. We can provide a Video DJ; this allows your professional Music Mixer to play music while showing a slideshow at the same time, a short video, video clips, etc. It's a great way to keep the energy up and keep the emotions at bay while baby pictures scroll (looking at you, moms). Including a DJ is going to keep the energy alive all night, and we have thousands of songs to choose from to make the best playlist for your party. We can play softer music in the early evening transitioning to more high tempo music as the night progresses. Send your senior literally dancing into their future.

Do you have any additional questions or concerns? Contact us today to get some answers, and secure your date. Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

Written by: J McGee