Nashville DJ Diaries | Exceeding Expectations

This past weekend, Snyder Entertainment had the pleasure of being a part of multiple events, but instead of highlighting each event individually we want to only focus on two events. While they're very different in the type of event, they each have something in common: both parties chose Snyder Entertainment for their special event. One of the events was a Southern Wedding Soiree at Mint Springs Farm in Nolensville, and the other event was a Destination Fraternity Formal at Gaylord Springs Golf Course in Nashville.

Initially when you read what about each event represented, they look far from one another, but when you get to the foundation of each event, they actually look fairly similar in terms of client expectation and the services rendered by Snyder Entertainment. Think about it: both parties wanted to have a great time, listen + dance to good music, custom lighting, interactive entertainment for their guests, and they had certain expectations from our team since we are Nashville's premiere entertainment company. Somebody's gotta be the best. The wedding included the Newlyweds, family, and friends while the formal included a fraternity chapter full of college students and their dates-- both clients seeking the same return on investment for their type of event. Don't worry, I'm not going to take you to church on the specifics of our business practices. However it's important to understand the absolute consistency of what we do, and the expectations we aim to exceed for our clients. No matter what the event type is, the entertainment package you decide on, the expected number of guests, the song selections and requests, and so on- we provide the same quality of service to every client we work with + all of our events. 24/7 white-glove treatment. (Steps off of soapbox.)

Aside from being a part of a beautiful wedding and fun fraternity party that made me want to go back to college, last weekend for Snyder Entertainment was about making our clients happy. While we always want everything to go smoothly on our end, we want our clients + their guests to leave the event happy and with great memories. We're #blessed to be able to live out what we love, work with great clients, and partner with other local businesses. When you book with us, no matter which services you select, which entertainment package you decide on, what type of event of you're planning- you receive our level of white-glove service. Contact us today to secure your date and start planning your event with us!