Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day: the holiday designed to show + tell someone how much you love them. Flowers are delivered, candy comes in cardboard heart-shaped boxes, chocolate covered strawberries are sold out in every grocery store, and trying to go out to eat at a nice restaurant will likely land you going through a drive-thru so your significant other can stop being hangry because you forgot to make dinner reservations again. Not to be negative at all but as romance-filled as Valentines Day can be, it can be hard to create an intimate environment when you're surrounded by 100 other couples sitting nearby. As someone who literally loves Valentines Day, in my holiday obsessed opinion there's nothing more romantic than when my husband surprises me with something as simple as dinner and dancing in our living room. (Our first Valentines Day together in college was exactly that. Swoon.) So instead of fighting crowds and being stressed about the perfect gift or gesture, why not create a special night at home just for the two of you?

Here at Snyder Entertainment we're all about helping you hit a home run on February 14th, so we compiled a list of easy-to-DIY ways to entertain bae this holiday:

1. Create the perfect slow jamz playlist on your laptop or smart phone, using a digital music provider such as Spotify. Our team created + customized that --> playlist for your night to save you time to focus on more important things, like making sure you don't burn dessert. It features some of the most romantic songs, different genres, some top 40 hits, and more.

2. Set the mood before dinner with the perfect hors d'oeuvre like a wine + cheese tasting, or make your significant others dreams come true with a pitcher of margaritas + queso. Wait, is that just my fantasy? Either way, here's one of my personal favorite blogs list of grocery store cheeses and wine pairings that are sure to make your honey question life before them.

3. Write down all of the things you love about your significant other on tiny pieces of paper, and place them all around the house where he/she can find them for days after. There's nothing like a sweet surprise to keep your partner on cloud nine for the rest of the week. Or put a spin on it, and send your partner on a scavenger hunt to find clues on what's to come the rest of the night.

4. Since you won't be renting a photo booth from Snyder Entertainment for the evening, just capture your own special photo-ops. Snapchat a picture of you two love birds celebrating from home, but don't forget to use Snap's photo features to create floating hearts around the picture. Then send it out to all of your friends, bragging about your romantic, relaxing night in.

5. End the night with an in-home spa treatment. Keep the slow jamz going, add bubble bath, light candles around the tub, dim the lights, fluff some of your favorite towels and 2 robes, and prepare to pamper one another. Don't forget to grab a bottle of champagne: pop, clink, fizz, and cheers to love!

Whatever you decide to do to, we hope you spend it with someone you love.

Written by: J McGee