DJ DIARIES: Getting to know our Guys Pt. 3

This is the third video of our new four part interview series; a chance to give our readers, potential clients, and even past clients a glimpse into the lives of our DJ's. This week we'll introduce Matt Morris. He may be the youngest DJ on our team but without question has the most talent and undeniable style.

Matt's handsome good looks can be deceiving, this guy can tear up the dance floor. Sometimes it is from behind the DJ booth, sometimes it is on the floor. Polished like a season veteran on the microphone and ready for the new generations of brides, Matt has his following of clients and wedding vendors. Along the way of being a music mixer and an emcee for us, he has discovered a passion for lighting design. He started out with simple up-lighting events to multiple monograms per room, wash lighting, string lighting, and more. Matt is the master for birthday parties, Sweet 16 events, Proms, and those non traditional weddings that are becoming the new normal. He may be guilty of wearing skinny ties + leopard print, but he does bring a certain swagger to each event that is second to none. Matt's consistently requested by clients, so there's no doubt that he's definitely one of the best DJ's in Nashville. He'll bring good vibes only to your next event!