Snyder Entertainment knows how to Mix Business + Pleasure

Corporate events have been around for awhile from annual holiday parties, to spring time picnics, and a few others possibly scattered in between. Recently, there's been a huge upswing when companies include events and office parties for employees. Not only does it affect employee morale but also productivity + the bottom line. In fact, recent studies have shown that employees are more likely to solve a complex problem at work on the day of an event and continue to do so for days following. A recent study by Gallup quantified the link between employee disengagement and loss of productivity potentially costing companies over $300 billion annually. You're probably thinking the same thing I was when I first read that- wait billion, as in with a B? Well good thing you're reading this because I am going to tell you how you can solve the problem of disengagement with your employees and not have to worry about loosing thousands, millions, billions of dollars. Throw a corporate party.

Here's why: Office Parties affect office culture, strengthening communication between departments, creating better workplace dynamic, and help foster employee relationships. I guarantee if you surveyed employees in regards to the annual company Christmas party, they would tell you how important the event is, how much they look forward to it each year, and they would probably rate promoting morale and overall success pretty highly. Personal example, I always look forward to my husbands office parties, and he does for Snyder parties too. Both of our companies invest time and energy into our events, throwing seriously fun parties where everyone is excited, we're each meeting and greeting, dancing, and I get to buy a new dress! According to studies at Gallup, employee job satisfaction is directly correlated to the company's inclusion and recognition of its employees efforts.

Snyder Entertainment has executed hundreds of corporate events from in-office parties to various venue locations. We offer more than DJ services at these events, we also can provide Photo booths, Instagram Stations, Step + Repeat photography, custom lighting designs, custom decor designs and set-up, celebrity impersonators, retro arcade game rentals, and our ever popular Murder Mystery experiences. For Step + Repeat photography we make your employees feel like celebrities with cameras flashing, a custom designed vinyl banner backdrop, and a stroll down the red carpet. The Murder Mystery experiences which are awesome for team building and managing workplace relationships. These can be hosted in actual corporate offices, meaning company's don't have to outsource a different location to host this fun and interactive experience for their employees. We can customize events by using your company's logo, mission statement, differing age ranges among employees, office locations, and more.

Still not convinced that throwing a corporate event/office party will boost your employee morale and productivity? Well then give it a try and see for yourself. For the best provider of corporate events, parties, interactive Murder Mystery experiences, and DJ's in Nashville call Snyder Entertainment today!

Written by: J McGee