DJ Diaries: Getting to know our guys part two

This is the second video of our new 4 part interview series; a chance to give our readers, potential clients, and even past clients a glimpse into the lives of our DJ's. This week we'll introduce Brad Ford, a founder of the rock-band Bleach and our own resident rock star.

As someone whose been on the inside of the entertainment industry for years, Brad brings a ton of experience to the table for your event. He understands that details play a large part to ensuring success to your event, and as someone who works next to him daily, I can assure you he is as detailed and organized as they come. He has an intense comprehension of how an event flows and can assist in staging the best possible outcome for every type of event. Outside of an entertainer, you also get an event planner with Brad. His reviews are consistent about how well the event flows, the perfect mix of music due to his extensive library and most importantly, he does it all with a smile. He's a true collector of music and has playlists that span all the way back to the 1920's. Aside from music, he has a passion for editing video and puts together many of the Snyder Entertainment event videos that you see on our blog, website, and social media pages. Brad is truly a man of many of talents, a good friend, and a true professional that will bring a wealth of experience that is hard to match in the Nashville area.