DJ Diaries: Getting to know our guys

This is the first of our new 4 part interview series; a chance to give our readers, potential clients, and even past clients a glimpse into the lives of our DJ's. This week we'll introduce Brian Snyder, the owner + founder of Snyder Entertainment.

Brian's role here at Snyder is to focus on the entertainment industry identifying trends quickly to make those trends available for our clients. He also focuses on marketing, advertising, and customer services. Chances are if you've ever talked to Brian, he makes you feel as if you've known him your whole life; his passion for people and interpersonal communication are contagious. Brian focuses on the wedding industry as well as corporate events, and he spends quite a bit of time networking with other industry leaders here in Nashville and all across the US. Working with and for Brian has been one of the best job opportunities I've had, and I've enjoyed getting to know him, his family, and watching his faith + business savvy lead to a successful company.

My passion is people and connecting with them. The entertainment industry allows me to meet and connect with people on a weekly basis...that’s the easy part. Making sure they have a night to remember is the fun part!
— Brian Snyder

Written by: J McGee