Nashville DJ Diaries | Saddle Woods Farm Rain Dancing and 90's Music Throwbacks at Lillie Belle's!

I wish I had been a fly on the wall at last weekend's weddings! While unpredictable May storms threatened brides all over the world, we can say that our Snyder Entertainment brides braved the elements and didn't let a few rain drops dampen their wedding days! This weekend was filled with guest DJ's, storm chasing, and a bride dropping it low on the dance floor! You know you want to read more! 

Trisha + Garrett | Saddle Woods Farm 

1. Tell us a little about the couple and their wishes for their wedding: Garrett and Trisha are a fantastic couple.  We've known them for awhile as they attend the same church we do.  They actually had a my daughter Isabella in their Sunday School class at one point.  When people describe them it's almost like they're talking about the Pied Piper!  Everywhere they go they are being followed by a line children!  They got married at the beautiful Saddle Woods Farms in Murfreesboro.  We fought rain all day and even as the outside ceremony was getting under way there was lightning and thunder in the distance.  But the wind blew the storm right around the property and the ceremony was beautiful.

2. Was there anything unique about the day? Special moments among family members? Couple? Friends? It was truly a family affair. Everyone pitched in from the decorations to the bar set up. The planning was handled by one of the bridesmaids, and everybody was on point that day. I can't stress enough how crazy the storms were and how they just seemed to part around the property during the important parts of the day. Because there were a lot of kids in attendance, one of the high lights was the candy bar and a retro truck snow cone maker that parked outside. It was like attending a carnival! 

3. What were some of the couple's music selections for ceremony? Reception? Garrett and Trisha used "Thinking Out Loud" as their first dance which is a great song.  We did a anniversary dance which is one of my favorite things to do.  The winning couple had been married 45 years.  We kept the music anthemic and fun.  Songs like "Shut up and Dance", "Geronimo," "Fight Song," and plenty of Michael Jackson were on the menu this evening.  

4. Were there any dance floor highlights? One of my favorite moments was a dedication that Trisha selected for her parents.  Trisha was born in Hawaii and while there she was adopted by the Howards.  The song "Treasure Island" by Steven Curtis Chapman was the song that helped convince the Howards they need to adopt Trisha and bring her back to Tennessee.  I love stories like this and when a groom or bride takes a moment out of their day to pay love and respect to their parents.  It was a great moment.  

5. Who did you have the pleasure of working with?  I got to work with Matt Andrews Photography and Matt G Films.  These guys are great and amongst some of my very favorites to work with.  They make my job easy on the dance floor.  Of course I mentioned the venue was Saddle Woods Farm and Jayne and Morgan LeGate are always a pleasure to work with.  We even got Morgan to DJ a bit!

Check out the video from Trisha and Garrett's wedding! Want to see more? Search their wedding hashtag: #TheAskewDebut

Miranda + Matt | Lillie Belles

Miranda and Matt wanted an intimate wedding at a wonderfully restored venue.  Sure, it could’ve been at a large venue, but they were content with having it in historic downtown Franklin, TN where everything is picturesque!  Lille Belle’s provided the backdrop for this amazing night.  Michael Davis helped Miranda with her musical details for the night while also confirming details for their customized photo booth.  What could’ve easily taken months to plan only took a couple of days and turned out to be one of the most epic nights ever!

1. Tell us a little about the couple and their wishes for their wedding: Miranda and Matt were amazing.  Both lead busy lifestyles in their day-to-day lives.  This meant reaching one can be a challenge.  No problem.  Miranda was quick to respond and she was very thorough with her plans.  She wanted the night to be energetic and pleasing for everyone in attendance.  This ceremony was a winner in its ability to organically grow as the night went on.  This was certainly something I will never forget! 

2. What was unique about the day? The entire day was special! The atmosphere was perfect. There was such a level of anticipation amongst guests that you couldn't help but be excited. The families were all very happy. Mike and Jerry (the bride's step father and father) were easily the highlights of the night during their toasts! Tres, the best man, as fitting in his rolse as "Sexiest Man Alive." Miranda and Matt were beautiful together all night. 

3. What were some of the couples music selections? Frank Sinatra is one of my favorites, and it proved to be the same for Miranda as well! I love older hits, and the night was set on fire with the sounds of the 90's and early 20002! Music from artist like Tone Loc ("Wild Thing") and Shania Twain ("Honey I'm Home") set the dance floor off! Even ACDC provided the backdrop to the party entrance with "Thunderstruck," the perfect hype song for the energetic couple. "Shut Up and Dance" from Walk the Moon was a hit for all ages and Maroon 5's "Sugar" kept people moving throughout the night. 

4. Were there any dance floor highlights? The dance floor was insane all night long! There was one moment when Usher's "Yeah!" came on that really moved me to film a short video. See below for the bride's special dance moves....