DJ Myths Uncovered! | Nashville Entertainment Defying The Odds!

I am going to be honest; I used to thank some DJ's were extremely cheesy. This stigma came from witnessing some horrific DJ experiences at Nashville weddings and other corporate events. Whether it was the DJ screaming how to do the "Cha Cha Slide" (yes, he was yelling the instructions when the song clearly states them), or the DJ making very inappropriate jokes regarding the garter toss, I havecome to realize that not every DJ is THAT DJ. It is a stigma that has cast a dark shadow on DJ's across America. Luckily, there's entertainment companies like Snyder Entertainment to defy all the odds and bring back the Art Of Being A Classy Entertainer. Check out these DJ Myths debunked by the Snyder Entertainment team. 

Myth #1: A DJ Will Talk Too Much: This may be true for most other DJ's, but take this as a sign of their professionalism and experience. We are providing a service to you and catering to your specific needs. A professional will sit down or call you (multiple times) prior to your event to discover what exactly you are looking for and needing for your event. An experienced DJ will know the appropriate times to talk or interject during your event. An experienced DJ will know this through communication and coordination with you, the client, based on your specific entertainment and emcee needs. 

Myth #2: A DJ Will Play Cheesy Tunes: This is only true if either of these two things happened: 

1. If you did not provide any musical direction to your emcee. 
2. He or she did not listen or follow your requests. 

Snyder Entertainment offers a concierge service when it comes to creating your event playlists. We get down to the details of what you like and how we can incorporate other songs that will please everyone at your event. We want to play what you and your guests want to hear, and as long as that is communicated to us, we are sure to make that happen. 

Myth #3: Anyone Can Be a DJ, Right?: I tried to create custom party playlists before for my small group of friends, and I can tell you that it was a fail. Not everyone can be a DJ. Even someone with the most superb music taste probably could not emcee your event. This is because a professional follows top charts and hits and has experienced various groups of people and can read the feel of a crowd. Snyder Entertainment not only stays current on today's top hits and keeps a growing catalog of various genres of music, but we also make sure everyone on our team is knowledgable about music from earlier decades. Do you want a Motown feel that slowly transitions into today's hits? Not a problem. Do you want classic jazz during a cocktail hour or dinner? Done! 

Snyder Entertainment does not just press play. We cater to YOU and your event to make sure you and your guests have a memorable experience. Not only do we want to ensure the day of is memorable, but we also promise to make the planning a relaxing and enjoyable experience! Do not be a victim of these DJ myths. Let Snyder Entertainment provide the premier and professional entertainment for your next event. 

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