Nashville DJ Diaries | Michelle + Lance

The first of spring also brings the swing of our 2015 wedding season! We are so thankful and excited to be able to share an entry in DJ Diaries with you each week. Brad Ford, one of our most requested and well-versed DJs, has been so kind to share his experience from Michelle and Lane's March Mint Springs Farm wedding! 

Brad, Lance, and Michelle. 

Brad, Lance, and Michelle. 

1. Tell us a little about the couple and their wishes for their wedding day: Lance and Michelle were wonderful.  Through a lot of conversations about colleges we learned that an old college friend of mine and he actually roomed together at one time.  Very small world.  Lance is from Athens Ohio and went to OSU so we had our love for Buckeye football in common.  Lance and Michelle wanted everyone to have a good time.  They were very aware of their families and friends and chose music that they thought would benefit everybody there.  They were so laid back and just grateful to be there.  

2. What were some of the special moments that made this wedding  unique? Michelle's grandparents were ill and could not make the wedding.  They had secretly planned on dedicating a song for her and Lance.  Because they weren't there, at the last minute they had a musician friend agree to play the song.  Everyone at Mint Springs Farm was scurrying to set up a Facetime situation on the big screen to surprise the couple.  Well technology failed all of us.  We couldn't get the signal to work.  So we called the musician and I put the microphone up to the phone.  He sang the song.  In a way, it became more personal even though we sat through an entire song being sung over a cell phone in a barn full of people.  But everyone was quiet and I know that the moment her grandparents tried to give to them was a success.  It was a very nice moment despite the technical problems.  

3. What were some of the couple's music selections for the ceremony and reception? They loved the 90's songs.  We went with party anthems and few group dances.  "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars and "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas went over HUGE!  It was a long open dance, almost 3 hours. We started off slow and built up to the dance party and threw in a few slower songs to give the guests a mix.  By the time we were on the last hour, it was on fire.  We had a pretty full dance floor the whole time.  

4. Any dance floor highlights? There were a couple nice moments.  As I mentioned the energy blew through the roof with "I Gotta Feeling" and "Uptown Funk".  We ended the night with "Hey Pretty Girl" by Kip Moore which I chose for them.  Everyone stayed on the floor and slow danced it out.  It was a very nice ending moment.  

 This is a wedding where I felt like I was playing music for friends.  I can't stress how much this didn't seem like a job.  It was a great moment.  Our new tech Lauren Domzalski worked her first event for me and she was great.