Wedding Trends | #theweddinghashtag

In the past year, how many times did you find out about a new engagement or get a complete recap of a friend's wedding  via social media? I believe I stalked a couple dozen using Instagram and hashtags. Snyder Entertainment is a huge fan of this wedding trend.  We are going to share  a few secrets to creating a great wedding hashtag. 

Photo from Bridal Musings. 

Photo from Bridal Musings. 

The crew over at Wedding Hashtag Wall shared some awesome tips on how to create a wedding hashtag. There are three key characteristics of a successful wedding hashtag: 

1. There only needs to be ONE hashtag for your event. If you decide to make multiple, then it makes it harder to search. Also, if people fail to use all of those hashtags, then the photos your friends share may be shared among different boards. Be very specific and keep it simple with one hashtag to keep all of the shared photos in one place. 

2. Make sure the hashtag is catchy or easy to remember. The last thing you want is 150 people using the wrong hashtag. Be creative and clever with your hashtag so it's not only fun for you and guests but also easily remembered. Imagine all of the wedding memories lost in Instagram land?! 

Tip: Test search for the #hashtag you use and see if other couples are using it for their weddings.

3. Encourage your guests to help you remember the day through photos by using your wedding hashtag. Make it a part of your wedding and your guests will be excited! 

Image from Bridal Musings. 

Image from Bridal Musings. 

Wedding Hashtag Dos and Don'ts: 

-Don't add symbols, dashes, or spaces. Do use alphabetical characters and numbers.
-Don't just use initials and dates. Imagine all of the other couples around the world with the same wedding date and similar initials. 
-Do make your hashtag short and sweet. Don't use a super long hashtag to describe your wedding. 
- Don't use abbreviations. No one will know what it means nor will they care to remember what it means. 

Use these tips to help you create the perfect wedding hashtag! Need a little help? Head on over to the Wedding Hashtag Generator. Once you create your wedding hashtag, make it easy to share and print your photos using our Instagram Print Station! Every picture posted to Instagram or Twitter with your #weddinghashtag will pop up on our Instagram station. We can then print you and your guests' Instagram photos during the event! Guests can leave with printed photos at the end of the night. Bonus! The bride and groom will also receive a USB drive full of Instagram photos using their wedding hashtag! #CallUsToday #SnyderEntertainment #InstagramPrintStation