Corporate Entertainment | Casino Party - Nashville Style

While the 2015 brides were planning for their weddings during the warmer months, the Snyder Entertainment team was warming up corporate events with our lighting, photo booths, and karaoke! We've hit the ground running in 2015, and one of our first events was a Casino Party! Snyder Entertainment was there to make sure there was a Nashville feel to this Las Vegas inspired event! Want to theme your next corporate event? Check out some key entertainment elements to bringing your corporate party to life! 

You can't underestimate how important vibe is in the corporate setting.  It may not seem that people are paying attention but they are!  Having a upbeat playlist of music is SOOOO important when you have 500 people in a giant room.  They may not be dancing but they are listening and a good selection does create the palette for the event.  You won't always have dancers, so check out these other interactive alternatives. 

Pictures: The photo booth is a no brainer.  Typically, we are the last person to tear down because people are still wanting to get into the photo booth at the end. Everyone loves taking pictures! Not only do we offer unlimited photos and prints during your event, but we also customize the photo overlay to match your theme! A picture's worth a thousand words! 

Live Entertainment: People often think of karaoke as cheesy, BUT it can be a huge hit at corporate events! There's nothing else that combines the care-free spirit of Vegas and the feeling of a Saturday night on Broadway than incorporating a karaoke session into your evening.   Most people would not just jump up and sing in front of 500 people, but the ones that do (and will) will provide entertainment for the people that were just watching.  

Lighting:  I'll say this in everything I write, but lighting is one of the most underestimated key components to a corporate event! What's the first thing you think of when you hear Vegas? LIGHTS! Lights are everywhere - similar to all of the neon lit cowboy boots on Broadway. Don't think lighting matters? 

Games: Want to truly bring Vegas to your corporate event? Well, we can help you with our inventory of games! Not only can we provide black jack, craps, and poker, but we also have arcade style games like electronic darts, foosball, ping pong, and billiards. Everyone loses in Vegas, but in Nashville your guests will all be winners! 

I think we've given an ample amount of ways to turn your next corporate event into a Vegas themed night-to-remember! It's important to us to make sure you and your guests have a memorable and unique experience at your event. Lighting, music, photo booth, games, and live entertainment are all easy ways to provide a great evening, but Snyder Entertainment can make sure you win the Jackpot with your fellow colleagues!