Gentlemen, Here Is Your Chance! | It's Engagement Season!

It is officially the holiday season! Did you know this is the most popular season for couples to get engaged? There is something about the feeling that comes with the holidays. I'm not sure if it's the delicious food, forced family functions, pretty lights, or jolly music, but there is something about this season that makes the boys want to put rings on it! Every guy wants his gal to be speechless and ugly crying during the proposal, and our friends at Regalo Design offer a service to guarantee that memorable moment!  Tis the season for ring giving, and the experts are at your service! 



Marriage proposals are a big deal. There is so much pressure to make sure you get things right. You only get one shot at making the first statement in your journey to becoming man and wife. Additionally, this is one of the few times where the decision making is left completely up to you. Let Nashville wedding planners, Regalo Design help you propose in a way that will have your bride-to-be and her friends talking for years to come!

Our full-service proposal planning package includes:

  • An initial brainstorming session to learn about your relationship and develop ideas.
  • A selection session where we present you with a customized plan for your proposal and amend the plan until it is exactly what you want.
  • Arrangements with all vendors needed to make your proposal the perfect success.
  • Day-of coordination of your proposal.
  • A detailed timeline of events
  • An incredibly happy bride-to-be.
  • All of our decor items at no additional cost
  • Access to our online planning app
  • Vendor referrals and contract negotiation

Not convinced yet? Watch this...

We love the idea of having your surprise proposal captured on video and photo! We let Regalo Design handle the planning, but we can take care of capturing the moment for you! Let us help you with your proposal video and photography! If you are ready to take the plunge, you can focus on the important things (the ring and mini-speech) and let the professionals handle the rest!