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Here Comes The Bride

Here Comes The Bride

If you grew up in the 80′s or simply love the 80′s you might think I am referencing a classic song from Tesla. Although I love that song, I am speaking about a really cool trend taking place at so many weddings…and that is simply the use of signs at your event.

Obviously we are in the Nashville market and “southern chic” is always in style; now addPinterest and some creative DIY minds, you just might be setting a really cool vibe for your wedding. Our team started using signs for our photo booths several years ago as simply a way of letting people know what service we were offering. What was so surprising was the response from our clients asking for a particular style of signs so they could add to the decor and overall feel of their reception. Click here to see a couple of examples of signs we have created for our booths.

I cannot speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. I love the signs but I have ZERO graphic design skills; so would I ever accomplish this? That is where you can start leaning on your vendors and your trusted partners to assist. For example, Mint Springs Farm does an amazing job with their signage and really “customize” your event. Our team had the good fortune of being the DJ for Tyler and Kelsey Shepard and they had subtle, yet highly effective use of signs throughout the property. This sign met all of their guests right at the entrance of the ceremony site. Take a look at this sign that met all of the guest as they entered onto the property of Mint Springs Farm.

Whether you choose to go simple or extremely ornate, you can add flair to your event in big and in small ways. From our experience it is the “small touches” that really set off one event from another. With so many social media links and Google images it is easier than ever to search for ideas and then go from there. Go ahead and get creative with your “artsy” self, you might discover a new passion! Here is one final link I found that also discusses signage for your event!