What Do You Get When You Book a Wedding DJ?

We are no stranger to the fact that wedding planning is expensive. We’ve heard the term “wedding tax” thrown around as a way to suggest that wedding vendors must be charging extra just because they are providing a wedding service. Pinterest is flooded with DIY tips and hacks to cut costs, and Wedding DJ services tend to be at the top of the list of things that people consider cutting from the budget and doing themselves.

And we get it. After you’ve secured all of the details that you feel are really necessary (a cake, a dress, a venue), the DJ is one of the last details you think about, and at that point you’re wondering if it’s worth it to use the last of your cash on the music. Can’t you do it yourself? Is this one of those things you really need?

Today, we wanted to give y’all a peek behind the curtain. Some of the clients we work with understand a well-trained DJ and MC to be up there on their list with the dress: they aren’t going to have a wedding without it. Others get around to seeking out a DJ when their wallet is stretched a little thin, and they need to know exactly what their money is getting them to feel that it’s a worthwhile expense.

So, what exactly do you get when you hire a DJ for your wedding?

An Investment of Time

Each of our wedding packages involve an estimated 10-14 hours of time invested into your wedding. This statement has probably the biggest shock factor when we are talking to brides and grooms. So many people have a picture in their head of a DJ who shows up the day of the wedding just ready to roll with some Top 40 music. But a good DJ is going to want to know what your favorite music is, and learning that about a couple takes time. Learning the names of your parents, grandparents, bridal party so he can announce who is giving toasts…all of that takes time. Doing a walk-through of your event space to make sure that all of the speakers, microphones and lighting that is required is accounted for…more time. A DJ becomes a part of your wedding day team, and this means he is going to care about your wedding day going smoothly, and make sure he does the work behind-the-scenes to ensure that it does.

Ease of Mind

Everyone knows that when they book a DJ they are getting music, but we still get panicked calls from couples a week before their wedding wondering if we can also bring a microphone for their officiant. Or, they want to know if we also will play some music before the ceremony starts.

Don’t worry…we’ve got you.

Our wedding packages include music and equipment needs from sound-check to tear-down, and everything in between. Need an extra mic because you want to exchange your own vows? No problem. You need some music in the background during cocktail hour? Of course. We are not here to rattle off extra fees or expenses to you for things you will need. The process of booking a DJ should include the gift of ease of mind that whatever sound needs you have pop up, they will be taken care of.

A Great Party

Our bookings manager, Stephanie, did not have a DJ at her wedding. True story. Her dad is a radio DJ, and he was putting a lot of pressure on her to find a quality MC. She decided to be rebellious about the whole thing and just DIY it. A couple speakers and a Spotify playlist later, and her wedding was completely over and done with by 9:30. 😂 Not exactly what she had in mind. Lesson learned.

9:30 may not sound like the worst thing in the world to some of you, depending on when your day started. But anyone versed in typical wedding timelines knows that after all of major events are finished, the party is just getting really good around 9:00…IF you have someone to facilitate the party. Your guests are not going to naturally create energy to get out on the dance floor after dinner and toasts. The mood has to shift through the tempo in the music getting a little faster, the lights being dimmed, and the attention being turned to the dance floor. These are all things that you rely on a high-quality DJ to do. The party is what people will remember, and they will still be talking about years from now. If that’s important to you, then this is not where you want to cut corners.

So, you can see that booking a wedding DJ is little more complex than just making sure that music is played, although we definitely do that. We boast quality DJs who will guarantee that you feel you got a return on your investment. Chat with us today to get started.