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Can you even believe that we’re headed into the last leg of 2019? Summer officially ends this weekend (though it may have been dead in your heart since Labor Day), and Fall is here. We chatted with you all last week about how the time for booking a holiday party with us has already begun. We focused on our casino parties in that post, but today we want to talk about one of the elements that are a must-have for any holiday party, no matter what theme you choose: lighting.

Lighting highlights the important things you want to showcase. It takes a blank canvas of a room and turns it into something more interesting and complete. A room can feel more full by placing uplighting around decor. Even if every square inch isn’t decorated, you can give your guests the feeling of being in a very full, thoughtfully-designed room simply by highlighting a few pieces. But better than that, you can show off the pieces of your event that you think are the most important and you don’t want anyone to miss!


We receive calls about lighting design that ranges from simple and understated, to dramatic and show-stopping. We provide the lighting rentals to help you achieve either look! Take a look at three lighting additions that you can add to your holiday party today. All it takes is a quick call!

  1. Uplighting

    Uplighting is a classic that just doesn’t fall off of the trends lists no matter how much time passes. It’s because it’s so pretty. The purpose of uplighting is to accent the decor and your venue. It can make a big difference while still being understated. There is sometimes the misconception around uplights that you only need it if your venue is really dark. This isn’t necessarily true, Yes, uplighting adds more light to a room, but it really highlights the best parts of your space, making it truly beautiful to look at without adding any bulk. Our uplighting also changes colors, making it great for holiday parties!

  2. Hanging String Lighting

    Nothing screams the holidays more than some string lighting draped from the ceiling. It’s festive, it’s easy, and it looks beautiful no matter how you hang it. Our market lighting looks great hung from ceilings or rafters, and beautiful wrapped around columns. This versatile addition is easy to add onto any event.

  3. Monogram Lighting

    Not just for weddings, you can use monogram lighting to display a logo or company motto on a dance floor or large wall. Or maybe even a festive symbol like snowflakes twirling on the floor? If you can dream it, we can do it, and our design process is simple.

Feeling inspired, yet? Check out the page on our site devoted to our lighting design service. Then, contact us to chat about the lighting we can add to your party to bring your space to life!

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