35 Wedding Party Entrance Songs | Nashville DJ Recommendations

September is here, which means we are rolling deep in Nashville Wedding season. This is when the heat of the summer begins to subside, and pretty, fall weddings are around every corner. As our fall couples are picking out the music for their receptions, one song that will come up in their plans is the wedding party entrance song, arguably one of the most fun songs of the entire evening.

This song is usually high energy to build anticipation for when the bride and groom are announced in. It’s used to build anticipation for your entrance into the room: the main event. It also sets the tone for what kind of party you’re about to have with your guests, so you want to make it fun!

To help you out, our DJs compiled a list of 35 wedding party entrance songs that are total crowd-pleasers. If you are looking for some reception inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Click below to listen to the playlist on Spotify and choose your perfect entrance song.

If you’re feeling inspired, call us today so we can help you choose the perfect music for every moment of your reception! Happy planning! ❤️