Back to School Playlist


Back to school season is officially here! Kids and teachers everywhere are mourning the loss of summer vacation. Some parents are looking forward to the return of structure, routine, and seven glorious hours each day where they can get things done. Other parents are dreading the return of packing lunches, waking kids up early, drop-off and pick-up lines, and fighting through homework at night.

Whether you're a teacher, a parent, or a student, a new school year is a symbol of fresh-starts, new chances, and big change. This may be an exciting time for you and your family, a season marked with stress and anxiety, or you may fall somewhere in between. No matter your feelings about the upcoming school year, you're going to need some good music to go with it.

Are you a teacher frantically trying to laminate name tags and get bulletin boards hung before the kids arrive? A student who needs the motivation to get out of bed a little earlier? A parent who wants something to sing along to after your kids are dropped off? These songs are for you. They're here to pump you up, make you bolder, motivate you, and get you out the door on time!

After you listen to the playlist, let us know what songs you loved, and what other motivating Back to School tunes you'd like to hear? What will you be sure to play loudly on the first day? Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to let us know!

Back to School season also indicates the beginning of the end of summer. As you look ahead to next season, and you begin planning parties for the rest of 2019, we can help you design the perfect mix for your event! Call us today!