What Can Snyder Entertainment Do for Your Corporate Event?

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A corporate event is an exciting, blank canvas that can be taken in any direction. It is not like a wedding, where there is a traditional sequence of events that guests expect to see...a corporate event can be molded to reflect your brand and business perfectly! From corporate retreats, to large conferences, our team has seen their fair share of corporate gatherings, and we have some ideas on how to take your event to the next level.

Photo Booths + Photo Ops: Photo booths make great ice breakers, as well as a keepsake. Mingling and networking can be more fun when colleagues are taking pictures together. You can choose to bring in a print booth, so clients and event-goers can take home their photos. Or, choose a social booth, and photos will texted or emailed to event members instantly, allowing for immediate social media posting. If your event is for a specific cause, this can be great marketing!

Step and Repeat walls + red carpets are always in high demand for corporate events, and they are a great way to get photos of everyone as they enter your venue!


Lighting: Lighting is such an underrated edition to any event venue. You can set the tone for your event, create a mood, or display your company's logo...all with lighting! We have uplighting, customizable GOBOs, dance floor lighting, and more. Take your event space and transform it with something simple that makes a big statement.


Live Entertainment: Clearly, we can set you up with a top-shelf DJ. We boast the best in Nashville, and you will not regret the experience that a highly-qualified DJ can create for your event. If you want to add live music to the mix, because an acoustic guitar would pair better with a certain part of your evening, we have connections to some great musicians. We also partner with several types of performers around Nashville, making the possibilities truly endless for the type of party you want to host.


Games: There's nothing better to bring out a little bit of competitive spirit than to throw some games in the mix! We have a wide variety for you to choose from. Everything from yard games to casino games can be added to create an atmosphere of fun and give your attendees an easy way to meet and connect with each other.


As you're planning your next event, you'll want to give us a call so we can help you transform your venue into the perfect space! Connect with us on Facebook to see what others have to say about our team!