Top Things to Tell your DJ

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We hear the same thing from couples all of the time: we want people to remember our wedding as a really fun time. And, we agree! But, our Snyder Entertainment Team doesn’t only want your guests to have a great time, we want you, the happy couple, to also enjoy yourselves! We’ve found that the one thing that ensures a great time to be had by all is the level of communication that happens up front!

We pride ourselves on a great roster of DJs/MCs here, and we make a point to schedule plenty of communication with our brides and grooms. Today, we’re sharing three things that we believe you should always tell your DJ before your wedding day, to make sure that you have the reception of your dreams!

Your ‘Do Not Play’ List

Just because a song is a ‘classic’, or a typical crowd-pleaser at a wedding does not mean that you have to have it! The last thing a DJ wants is to accidentally play something the the couple dislikes. So, on top of sharing the songs you most definitely want to hear, be sure to share up front the types of songs you do not like, especially if you have specific song titles in mind.

Cultural Notes

If your wedding is a multi-cultural affair, you can have all sides of the family represented in your reception playlist. Because our DJs have so much experience, they can often help you brainstorm the best way to blend traditions into your evening,

Overall Vibe of the Reception

You would be amazed at what a really great DJ can do with only a handful of song choices. Don’t feel that you need to micromanage every song title for every second of the night! Giving a short list, and explaining the overall mood or vibe you would like your reception to hold is more than helpful to a skilled professional. After all, the purpose of hiring someone to handle your music is to make the planning process easier on you!

We strive to make the process of communicating with your DJ the easiest that it can be. Our brides and grooms have access to our extensive song library, and we direct each couple to select their ‘do not play’ list, as well as selecting special song requests. Our DJs are the best in the biz, and they can take a reception song list of 10 songs, and turn it into a perfect playlist that will last the evening. Couples also have frequent communication with their DJs, making it easy to tweak things at a moment’s notice as you get closer to your big day.

We’d like to make your reception music the best that it can be! Give us a call today and let us know what you’re looking for in a DJ!