Songs of Summer

Summer Playlist.png

June 21st is technically the first day of summer. But no one in Nashville believes in waiting that long to kick off the summer season. Graduation season is coming to a close, pools are open, you can find live music everywhere you turn, and the lakes are full. It’s the most glorious time of the year to be in Nashville, and we believe in celebrating the season with a great playlist.

As you jet set on your summer vacations, or if you’re hustling it out all summer right here in the city, you need some great music to go with it. We have a stellar summer playlist featuring remixes of some of the greats of this year (Youngblood, Thunderclouds, etc.), and features some new songs by a few of our favorite artists (The Jonas Brothers, Lizzo, Kygo, and more).

You’ll find that this playlist is perfect for the beach, your road trip, your summer workouts, or your commute. Enjoy, and connect with us on Instagram or Facebook to let us know what you would add to this list. What’s your perfect summer song this year?

We love to talk about music…especially if it’s for your event. Contact us today to chat about a curated playlist for your next event. It’s our favorite subject. 😉