A Prom to Remember

Weddings, corporate events, parties, casino events, murder mystery experiences…what ELSE could we possibly add to the list of things we love to host? High School Proms!


We love to partner with local public schools to put on a great prom for students. After all, many of the services that we have showcased here on the blog our that we highlight on our site can translate to a younger crowd. Every great prom needs the same things that a great corporate event or wedding reception may have!

A Great DJ

More than just a playlist, a DJ can watch to crowd to see what is getting people up and moving, and even serve as an MC to transition to different types of events and dances. Having a live person spinning music gives the students the chance to request music if there is something they want to hear, and it creates a more personalized experience for everyone there. The most important part of prom is the dancing, so you don’t want to skimp on the DJ experience!


Lighting Design

Nothing inspires a night of non-stop dancing like good dance-floor music. Quality dance floor lighting is bright enough that everyone can see around the room, but dark enough that people don’t feel self-conscious about dancing. If it can fit in with your theme, that’s even better! We have everything you can think of when it comes to dance floor lighting, and after partnering with schools that had proms such as Star Wars…we feel confident that we can design a lighting plan that will fit your school’s theme perfectly!


Photography Services

A photo booth will give students the chance to capture lifelong memories with their friends. If all of this effort is going to put into one evening, a tangible photo to remember it by is key! We have photo booth options with props, social roaming booths, and more! And of course, printable photos include your prom’s theme and school name, to make it a true keepsake for all students!

If you are looking to take your school’s prom to the next level, it’s easier than you think! We are one-stop shopping for everything you’ll need, so give us a call today!