Three Lighting Trends for 2019 Weddings

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February is almost over, which means that enough of 2019 has gone by for Bridal magazines to begin forecasting the biggest wedding trends that we will be seeing this year, and lighting keeps coming up. As we have scanned the lists, it’s been exciting to see all of the ways that Snyder Entertainment can provide options to match these big trends. Scroll to see three of the biggest reception trends of 2019, and how Snyder can help you make your wedding a day your guests will remember forever!

Personalized Details


Event planners are forecasting that personalization will continue to play a major role in the decor of many bride’s planning. Signature cocktails, special personal touches, and names and initials everywhere is what you can plan to see. This can even be done through lighting design!

Our lighting options give you the opportunity to personalize your dance floor or reception hall lighting to project special dates, names, phrases, or anything else you can dream up! This will give your reception that personal flare that will impress your guests.

Bright Pops of Color


From pops of colors in flower arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, or even send-offs with confetti, it’s projected that brides will be finding ways to break up the monotony in 2019 with brightly colored accents. These splashes of color can help show off a couple’s personality and style, without overwhelming the look of the reception.

Snyder has plenty of dance floor lighting options that will express your personality, while maintaining a classic, put-together look.

Statement Lighting


Statement lighting has been popular in weddings and events for a while, and it has not gone away. In 2019, the more show-stopping, the better! Dreamy, romantic lighting, or get-off-your-feet-and-dance lighting are possible with our lighting design options. Uplighting can also cast extra light to areas you may want to highlight (think wedding cakes!). The options are endless, because we want to be able to provide exactly what you need to have your personal dream wedding!

If you want to learn more, be sure to contact us today to start a conversation about how our lighting can give you the event you’ve been hoping for!