What Can an MC do for Your Event?

We’ve talked quite a bit on the blog the past few weeks about the importance of a DJ, and what a DJ can do for you and your event…but another decision you may be toying with is whether or not to hire an MC, or find a DJ who can do both. To help you out, today we’re breaking down the who, the what, and the why of MCS!

First of all, what is an emcee?

An MC (or emcee) is the Master of Ceremonies at your event. He is the guy who is making sure that the next person to give a speech knows his time is coming, or that the perfect song is cued up at the right time. He is also typically the person with the mic throughout the night transitioning your guests to each important moment, making sure nothing is missed. Whether your event is your wedding or a corporate conference, you likely want your guests to walk away from the evening feeling as though things were well-planned, and that is you’re MC’s responsibility.

Ok, but what exactly does an MC do?

An MC wears many hats. You may hire him to welcome guests and announce when the audience attention should turn to a particular spot. She may be the person you have also given the task of keeping all other vendors informed with schedule changes or when they should be prepared to do their part. He or she may also be the DJ for your event. It’s perfectly fine to have one person involved with your event to double up as your host, as long as that person has the skillset necessary to guide your guests through the important moments. It can be tempting to ask the lead singer of the band you hired, or a family friend with a great personality, to jump up and lead a few key moments. And that can sometimes work out fine. However, without one person who is overseeing the entire agenda of the evening, you run the risk of losing all sense of flow to your event. Instead, your guests may feel like they are being ushered from one moment to the next, rather than simply experiencing the evening.

When you find the perfect MC, he or she can keep the different pieces of your event on a schedule, maintain a comfortable atmosphere, and provide direction to both key players of your big day and to your guests. This keeps everyone on the same page, and prevents moments of awkward transition.

You’ve convinced me. Where do I find a quality MC?

You don’t have to go far! Here at Snyder Entertainment, we have several DJs who can put their feet in both camps of DJ and MC. In fact, hiring a truly skilled DJ means that you’re already getting someone who is great at reading the room and helping guests focus on the most important events happening at different times. Our team would love to work with you on making your event the best it can be. Contact us today to learn more about the DJs and MCs we have on staff!

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