Back to School Season Celebrations + A Playlist

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Back to school season is officially here, and kids everywhere are mourning the loss of summer vacation. Their parents, however, are looking ahead to the seven hours a day they are about to get back so they can actually get things done, and they feel like celebrating!

If this sounds like you, and the eight long weeks of summer coming to an end has you feeling the need to let loose, grab some of your fellow parent friends and plan an epic end-of-summer party to celebrate your new-found freedom! If you need ideas on how to send summer off in style, we have some popular ones here. And don't forget to read to the end to check out our playlist, perfect for any back-to-school get together!

Adults-Only Luau

A backyard party like a Luau is great, because it is easy to fit into whatever environment you have. You can have a blow-out, complete with photo booth, DJ, and more, or you can simply play some music in someone's backyard. Gather around a pool, get some leis and grass skirts, make some pineapple-themed cocktails, and your party planning is done! 

Back to School Brunch

You know most of your friends are going to take the morning off of work on the first day of school to make sure their kids are safely in their classrooms. Take advantage and host a little mid-morning soiree! There's nothing more exciting than that first morning of freedom after school is back in session, and you KNOW your friends will be feeling like a mimosa after the chaos of car-rider line is behind them.

Rooftop Party

There are no shortage of bars here in Nashville that have rooftop patios to rent or reserve. August evenings are perfect for looking out at the skyline from a rooftop, and back to school season gives you something to celebrate! Invite your kid's homeroom parent list, and cheers to the new school year!


No matter how you kick off your back to school season, you'll need the perfect playlist to set the mood. Play some songs for your guests that reflect the excitement of the parents, and the theme of sending students off to learn all day. If you need one, we've got your back. Click below to listen on Spotify!

So your theme is chosen and your playlist is done, but if you think of anything else as you plan your next party, be sure to reach out! Snyder Entertainment is here for all of your party planning needs. Contact us today to rent photo-booths, hire a DJ, or simply ask some questions about how we can make your event great. 

Be sure to pin these ideas to remember them later!