Behind the Turntable: Spotlighting Jay Psanis

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Last week, we launched a new FAQ series here on the blog to share some quick answers to things many of you wonder. We felt it was only appropriate to introduce you to the team we have, as well! Behind the Turntable is a blog series you can expect every few weeks, where you will get to know one of our talented DJs. These guys are truly skilled and prepared to take on any event you may be planning. 

First up, we have Jay Psanis. Jay is relatively new to our team, and he took the time to answer a few questions for the blog!


1.) Tell us about who you are, how long you have been a DJ, and how long you have been with Snyder Entertainment.

My name is Jay. I also go by DJ Wvsp. I am an aspiring producer and longtime DJ (about 10 years). I have been with Snyder for about 3 months now. I was handed a lot of responsibility right off the bat, and I am enjoying every minute of it.

2.) In your opinion, what value do you think hiring a DJ can add to an event?

The value a DJ has at any type of event is immeasurable when it is compared to someone just throwing on a pre-curated Spotify playlist from their phone. Reading/ hyping up crowds, and controlling the tempo of the dance floor are things that can't be done from a smartphone. It truly is an art form, and when done just right the outcome can be quite a euphoric experience.

3.) What sort of prep and planning do you do to emcee or DJ someone's event?

Organization is key when prepping for events. Having music in the right destinations on your computer, knowing the names of important family members, and knowing the flow of the itinerary for any event are all vital parts of my planning process.

4.) What sort of response do you look for from the audience, and how do you shift gears if the response isn't what you expected?

I always look to get the people sitting in their chairs or standing by the bar out to the dance floor, all while maintaining the people already on the dance floor. It's about smart transitions and meticulous song selection made just at the right time. If the response is heading in the wrong direction, I always have plan B and C. 

5.) If you had to stick with one decade's music to work with, which one would you choose?

I would probably go with 70's music if I had to choose one. Super funky and fun all around.

6.) Tell us, for fun, one track that got popular that you couldn't stand.

 I really disliked that song "What Does the Fox Say?" I actually heard it recently and was like, "Forget this place. I'm out of here!" 


As Jay explained, a DJ helps create an experience rather than simply a playlist. Chat with our team today about what else we can offer that will elevate your event!

Check back for more DJ spotlights in the future!