#SnyderSummerSeries | Summertime Sadness

Continuing on from last Thursday's #SnyderSummerSeries, our summer intern Zach has recently created a mix that may possibly pull at your heart strings.  We all know that the sounds of summertime are often mixed with waves crashing, splashes in the pool, a jingle from the ice cream truck, and consistent laughter.  While the summertime is often one of the most celebrated times of the year, it's always the end of the season that's the toughest to get over.  Without further adieu, check out our recap of this week's music mix in the blog below!

So far summer has flown by.  Many people have already gone on a vacation, or two, while others tend to be more hot weather homebodies than jet-setters. However, with summer already halfway over, it creates a sense of sadness.  An emotional downer at the summer's end when the cool air begins moving in and two seasons slowly start transitioning one to the next.  Creating a great segue into this week’s mix: Summertime Sadness.


One of the things that Zach loved the most about making this mix was incorporating two different songs.  One of the things that I loved the most about this mix was that each of these songs were from two very different decades and genres.  The mix starts out with a short snippet of Will Smith’s 1991 hit Summertime, and then transitions into Zach's personally recorded remix of Lana Del Ray's 2012 hit, Summertime Sadness. Check it out below:

Stay tuned for more summer mixes- posted every Thursday morning @ 8am until high school starts back!