Nashville DJ Diaires | Snyder Brings the Big Screens

As we all know, the event industry in Nashville is ever changing and improving right alongside the city. In the midst of all of the improvements, our team has been working on projecting some new additions of our own. 
We have been partnering with local organizations to enhance their tired events, and put a little spring back into their seasonal soirée's with new equipment that has better capabilities and upgrades than ever before. And one of the upgrades we've made has been to our arsenal of projectors + screen displays. From flat-screen smart TV's to LED projectors that seamlessly display your images, videos, and gifs onto a blank wall or concrete floor.  Projection is an easy add on option that instantly elevates your event. Why would you not include it? Take a peek at a few photos from recent weddings + events where we implemented our new projectors, screens and displays.
Please contact our team to learn more about all of our projection options, confirm availability, and book your next event with our team. We look forward to connecting with you soon!