#NashvilleEvents | New, Dreamy Gobo Designs


When it comes to the lighting game in Nashville, I can proudly say that Snyder Entertainment wins every single time. We are constantly adding new equipment and gear to our already full lineup of gadgets, including new gobo light designs. These are ideal designs for all types of events, especially those that don't require additional wording or explanation. Our new lineup of gobo lights instantly transform a blank space or venue from a white painted wall to a forest of trees. Gobo's can transform the empty ballroom ceiling into a star-filled sky that even Picasso would be envious of. Ready to learn a little bit more and see some of our brand new designs? Keep reading + browsing below..!

Custom gobos are used in virtually every lighting project these days, and these little light fixtures can make a big impact. Gobo lights have become a must-have in the Nashville event industry from weddings to corporate events and celebration styles in between. Each of Snyder's gobo's are metal instead of the cheaper, plastic option that is unfortunately used frequently by so many local lighting companies. Steel is used for durability to ensure that your gobo is long lasting for future use at your next event. Snyder's design team can help you select the style of design that's most appropriate for your event, or you can submit a custom file such as a logo or curated graphic as well for no additional cost.
Here's a few of our latest gobo designs, 
ideal for every type of event:

Once you decide on a design, our team begins manufacturing your light fixture. We begin by resizing your design file down to meet the sizing requirements and to ensure that your design will be clear and easily visible. We then, very carefully, cut out portions of the steel to allow light to project through. Your design can either be processed to project color or in traditional black and white- your preference. The end result: your idea, literally brought into the light! 
*Please Note: Gobo's can not be used with traditional household lighting or standard can lighting because they don’t have the lenses to shape the light or focus the light after the light hits the template.

Let us help you get a gobo created for your special event. Our designers can help you find the right gobo template for your design, matched to your style.

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