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jenny mcgee

If you have booked any kind of event with us in the last 792 days, then chances are that you've probably communicated with our in-house graphic design artist, yours truly. I am the brains behind our twice weekly published blog posts and detailed graphic design. I oversee design details from crafting custom photo booth templates and creating wedding monograms to conceptual design for social media posts and producing our latest portfolios. For this blog feature, I'm going to show you some of my most recent, favorite designs + give you the details into how you can grab your own curated graphic design, made by me obvs, for your upcoming wedding or event!

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my background is mainly composed of self-taught trials & tedious amounts of time spent in front of my screen

(aside from design courses in college)

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who dis?

It wasn't until recently that I realized clients were v convinced that a whole team of people were doing the design work that I was actually doing on my own. While this recent realization was incredibly complimentary, and I took it as such, it also made me realize that some of our clients, and readers, might not have a clue who they're communicating with when it comes to their custom designs. And that isn't cool.

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below are a few examples of my designs:


pricing per design

All of my custom crafted templates, monograms, logos, graphics, etc. begin at $35 per design. The custom templates are made exclusively per event, simply meaning that there are no two designs that are exactly the same. From your choice of backgrounds, to the typeface, graphics, color palette, and beyond - the possibilities are endless.

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design inquiries?

----> jenny@briansnyderentertainment.com