What Great Lighting Can do for Your Holiday Event

The subjects of music and the role of a strong DJ get a lot of air time around here, for good reason. Providing you with great music for your event is the heart and soul of what we do. But we aren’t just a team of DJs here. We plan and execute events that will make all of your dreams come true, and there is lot more that goes into a party like that than simply music! We believe that the way your room looks is just as important.

With December rapidly approaching, holiday parties are around every corner. If you’re anything like us, your calendar is filling up by the day. You may even be planning to host a party or two yourself! We wanted to give you a little party planning pro-tip: don’t forget lighting.


Lighting sets the mood for what type of event you want it to be: the ways the lights look will invoke a feeling in each of your guests. They may walk into your event and feel invited to get up and mingle or dance. They may walk in and see a more intimate setting with dimmed lighting, and feel that they should be find a place to get comfortable. Whatever event you have dreamed up in your head, the lighting is what will make that clear to your guests before anything else.

Lighting can also personalize your event. For corporate events, projecting your logo on the wall or dance floor can add that personal flair to the room. Maybe you have colors you want to incorporate (some red and green, maybe?). Whatever will make the room look like you were the person or company behind the planning can be accomplished with lighting!

Finally, lighting highlights the important things you want to showcase, which takes a blank canvas of a room and turns it into something more interesting and complete. A room can feel more full by placing uplighting around decor. This way, even if every square inch isn’t decorated, you can give your guests the feeling of being in a very complete, thoughtfully-designed room simply by highlighting a few pieces. But better than that, you can show off the pieces of your event that you think are the most important and you don’t want anyone to miss!

So, as you pull together your parties in the next few weeks, don’t forget to pay attention to your lighting! It can be the thing that really elevates your event and makes it a night to remember for everyone this holiday season.

We have a page on our website all about our lighting design services, with even more photos than you see here (and a video!). Take a look at what we can do, and contact us if you have any lighting needs that we can take care of!